5 best assassins in Mobile Legends for the 2021 period:

5 best assassins in Mobile Legends for the 2020 period:

One of the roles that plays an important role in contributing great damage is the Assassin.  In the following, we will give you a list of recommendations regarding the 5 best assassins in Mobile Legends for the period 2021.

Season 97 of Mobile Legends is quite profitable for Assassin heroes.

How not, the latest update (1.4.94) makes Assassin items like Blade of Heptaseas get Buff from Moonton from the Physical Attack side.

In META this time, the Assassin line can even be used as Hyper Carry.

The assassin row has very high skill and damage effects so that the auto hurts both in the early-game and late-game.

Here are the 5 best assassins in Mobile Legends for the July 2021 period:

 1. Helcurt

Entering the ranks of META heroes in Season 16, Helcurt's auto sick skill continues in Season 17 which started on June 20.

Helcurt can adjust the rhythm of the team's attack or detect the presence of an enemy with his one Map "evasion" skill, Dark Night Falls.

The deadly combination with his second skill, Deadly Stinger, makes Marksman heroes auto alert if the map suddenly goes dark.

2. Selena

This hybrid hero between Assassin and Mage can make your opponent hassle both early and late-game.

The "catfishman" can kill a Marksman hero in two to three attacks.

Primal Darkness and also the "catfish" Abyssal Arrow make Selena have a deadly ability as well as give a long stun effect to Marksman or Mage heroes.

3. Natalia

Not only ex or friends who like to be in debt, Natalia can also disappear right in front of you.

Skill The Hunt and also his passive skill, Assassin Intinct, make this hero able to disappear in the bush and hunt enemies with a high enough Physical Attack.

The combination of his Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb makes Marksman automatically surrender when he is being targeted by Natalia without a fighter or tanker escort.

4. Hanzo

Hanzo with his forbidden Ninjutsu stance made Marksman and Mage auto hassle.

Especially with the Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja skill that turns himself into a Demon's shadow, Hanzo can finish off enemies even though his body is hiding in a Tower or a bush.

When transformed, his Ninjutsu Devastator is enough to become homework for enemy heroes.

5. Ling

The assassin who is hard to catch because he has the skill to jump on the wall also has deadly damage.

If you are in the opponent's tower and Ling has already issued his Ultimate, then Ling can even target several heroes.

This hero even became RRQ's mainstay when they slaughtered Resurgence at the MPL Invitational final yesterday.

Apart from the 5 heroes above, there are other Assassins who can become dark horses if they are believed to be Hyper Carry.  The two heroes are Lancelot and Gusion.

Those were the 5 best Assassin heroes for the period 2021, interested in using them?

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