5 best Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2021 period

5 best Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2020 period

Role Marksman is exposed as the highest contributor to Damage in the Mobile Legends game.  We will give you recommendations regarding the 5 best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes 2021.

Having enormous damage, this line of heroes is perfect for push rank in Season 19.

Marksman is a hero core who is quite decisive in winning.

The right Marksman choice with good skills can carry the team to destroy the opponent's Inhibitor.

Unmitigated, if it is so late-game, a Marksman user can kill 3 or even 5 heroes at once (Savage).

Here are the 5 best Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2021 period:

1. Claude

Hero Claude was included in the META ranks in Season 17 especially for Marksman.

Even in the MPL Invitational Grand Final, RRQ and Resurgence had to ban Claude 3 times.

If the Demon Hunter and BoD items are finished, Claude's combination of Art of Thievery and Blazing Duet skills becomes PR for the opponent.

2. Karrie

If Karrie's hero has collected his core items, tanks with thick armor are just like "crackers".

Karrie's Spinning Lightweel is very troublesome because it can produce great physical damage and slow effects up to 80 percent.

If his Speedy Lightweel is active, the enemy's HP in front of him can be drained quickly.

3. Granger

Although the effect of Burst Damage is less violent than Season 16, Granger is still quite painful in Season 19.

Granger's Rondo and Rhapsody skill effects can fire painful bullets with ultra high Physical Damage.

In late-game, his Death Sonata can issue a Super Bullet with a very painful effect.

4. Wanwan

Just like Granger, Wanwan's Burst Damage and Reap effects can make your opponent dizzy.

His Needles in Flowers skill can remove the CC effect and provide very high Physical Attack.

Even though it doesn't hurt too much in eary-game, Wanwan's ability in late-game doesn't need to be doubted, especially when he activates his Crossbow.

5. Bruno

Even though his blood is quite thin, Bruno's Volley Shot skill has quite high damage and slow effects.

His passive skill, which can increase Critical Chance, makes Bruno suddenly take super high damage when he is dying.

If the passive skill stack is full, the combination with the Ultimate skill produces a very troublesome damage effect on the enemy.

Apart from the 5 heroes above, there are actually other alternatives, namely Popol & Kupa and Kimmy.

Popol and Kupa are very troublesome, especially if they are built with Support while Kimmy can produce a high Burst effect thanks to his Energy Transformation skill.

Those were the 5 best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes for the 2021 period, interested in using them?

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