5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2021 period

5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2020 period

One of the roles that can determine victory in the Mobile Legends game is Tank.  We will give you recommendations regarding the 5 best Tank heroes in Mobile Legends for the period 2021.

In Season 19 of the 2021 period, several Tank heroes have experienced Buff before on the Advanced Server.

The buffs are enough to make several Tank heroes enter the META Season 17 ranks.

For information, Role Tank is very decisive in winning, considering that this Role hero is responsible for initiating attacks as well as banishing attacks from enemy heroes.

The Tanker hero user is also responsible for the safety of the Carry hero, which is the main source of damage in the team.

Here are the 5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legends for the 2021 period:

1. Atlas

This Hero Tank, which carries a squid in its stomach, is a tanker with very painful damage.

Atlas can be an initiator who can throw enemy heroes into the target.

Almost all of his skills specialize in CC (Crowd Control), making Atlas a troublesome hero during War.

2. Khufra

Khufra's leap towards the target made this hero the perfect initiator in Season 17.

His Bouncing Ball skill can slow down 80 percent so it makes the opponent quite a hassle.

The combination of Tyrant's Rage and Tyrant's Revenge makes Khufra a deadly Tanker hero.

3. Uranus

Uranus is one of the Tank heroes with the best Regen abilities in its class.

This hero can also be built to become an off-laner considering the damage is quite high.

When the core item (Oracle) is finished, Uranus is guaranteed to have extraordinary resistance to initiate attacks.

4. Grock

Grock is a tank with quite reliable Crow Control and Initiator abilities.

The thick walls of the Guardian Barrier allow this hero to trap and ward off enemies in its path.

This hero who has immunity to CC effects can be a perfect shield and initiator.

5. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca, who experienced Revamp and Buff on the Advanced Server, made this hero into the ranks of OP heroes with super high resistance.

The Rage effect that appears below the HP bar deals massive damage to the opponent.

His Blink and CC skill called Avatar of The Guardian makes Gatotkaca a deadly initiator.

Apart from the five Tank heroes above, there are actually two tier two Tank heroes (not Pure Tanks) that can be an option in Season 17.

The two heroes are Masha and Balmond.  Masha and Balmond's Life Recovery skill, which has experienced Buff on Cyclone Sweep, has made these two heroes become dark horses in Season 17.

Those were the recommendations for the 5 best Tank heroes in Mobile Legends for the July 2021 period, interested in using them?

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