5 Heroes who Must Use Spell Vengeance(Mobile Legend)

5 Heroes who Must Use Spell Vengeance

These Mobile Legends heroes will be even more difficult and hurtful with Vengeance

 - Those who are suitable for Vengeance must have high damage as well as strong defense!

In Mobile Legends, Vengeance is a spell that is quite popular to rely on for an aggressive style of play.  This spell is useful for reflecting the damage received.  In addition, users also get additional defense when activating it.

In detail, Vengeance allows the user to reduce 35% of the damage received for three seconds.  In addition, the 75 second spell can also reverse enemy attacks by 50 + 25% incoming damage.

Vengeance's versatile function makes it a popular seller.  You see, besides getting additional defense, this spell can also be a secret weapon to kill off guard enemies.

Well, not all heroes in Mobile Legends are suitable for using Vengeance.  Therefore, in this paper, Game News Update will provide some recommendations for heroes that are suitable for Spell Vengeance.  Hero recommendations below are arranged based on their playing style, ability orientation, and skills.

So, just take a look at the Hero recommendations that are suitable for using Spell Vengeance below, huh!

1. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a fighter who often plays aggressively.  By pocketing the Vengeance Spell, he can have a much higher attack resistance while increasing his ability to reflect enemy attacks.

Apart from making it quite difficult to kill, Vengeance can help Gatotkaca to provide additional damage from reflected enemy attacks.  In practice, Spell Vengeance is also very suitable for protecting Gatotkaca when initiating attacks with the Ultimate - Avatar of Guardian skill.

Gatotkaca is a tank that is oriented towards a high level of armor.  Assisted by the additional defense from Spell Vengeance, Gatotkaca is guaranteed to have a very high durability in a short time.  Moreover, the possibility of Gatotkaca dying is also low because his defense gets stronger when he is dying.

 2. Uranus

Uranus is a very annoying Hero Tank.  This is because Uranus is very difficult to conquer and has quite a large offensive potential.  Uranus' expertise as a tanker allows him to provide significant resistance and space to his team.

As a Hero Tank, Uranus is fairly complete because it is filled with two main abilities, namely armor level (thanks to shields) and high HP regeneration.  In addition, the damage is also big enough to make enemies frantically.

The Vengeance spell is very important for Uranus.  The reason is, this spell can maximize Uranus's durability.  Durability ability is the first priority of a Uranus that can make him survive in battle for quite a long time.  Not to mention, the combination of Spell Vengance and skill - Consecration that makes Uranus very difficult to conquer.

3. Thamuz

Thamuz is one of the saddest fighters in the Land of Dawn.  Relying on consecutive hits, she can fight very aggressively.  There is no doubt about his aggressiveness, even in a competitive scene, Thamuz's aggressive style of play has often been encountered.

With high DPS and good lifesteal, Thamuz can fight barbarically without worrying.  The lifesteal ability comes from the skill - Cauterant Inferno.

To support his durability, Thamuz can use Spell Vengeance which makes it very difficult to beat.  The combination of lifesteal and extra defense can be Thamuz's main ability to be able to survive much longer during battles.

4. Alice

As a Mage, Alice has a unique role in battle.  Because, Alice can act as a Tank.  Alice's function as a Tank is supported by her Heal and Magical Lifesteal abilities.

Unfortunately, the Tank role for Alice is somewhat less than ideal.  In addition to other Hero Tank choices that are far more promising, Alice is also not equipped with a good level of defense in battle.  Hence, it would be wise if he was placed on the side lane as an offlaner.

In order to support the defense as well as finish off the enemy, Alice can rely on Spell Vengeance.  With this spell, Alice can reduce the damage from the enemy very significantly.

In use, Alice can combine skills - Flowing Blood and Blood Ode to initiate attacks.  Then, arranged with the use of the Vengeance Spell to surprise the enemy.  When Alice's blood continues to increase with Ulti, damage from enemies will also be reflected.

5. Alucard

Alucard is a "senior" fighter who has graced the battle for a long time in the Land of Dawn.  Like a fighter, Alucard has a high level of damage and sufficient durability.

Alucard's durability is obtained through a fairly good lifesteal ability.  Unfortunately, Alucard doesn't have a high level of defense.  Thus, the enemy damage received can greatly reduce Alucard's HP.

Alucard can play very aggressively thanks to his blink and lifesteal ability to survive.  To maximize his aggressive style of play, Alucard is very suitable to use Spell Vengeance.  Besides being able to reduce the level of damage received, this spell can help Alucard to heal.  So, he will not easily be defeated in battle.

Spell Vengeance is a spell suitable for initiator heroes, hero tanks, or heroes with high aggressiveness.  With this spell, your durability will increase significantly.  The reason is, Spell Vengeance can reduce the damage received from the enemy, while providing a heal effect from enemy attacks.

What do you think about the rows of heroes that are suitable for using the Vengeance Spell?  Please write your opinion in the comments column.  Also, keep up with the latest information about Mobile Legends only on Game News Update.

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