5 Reliable Hero Mobile Legends for Counter Valir

5 Reliable Hero Mobile Legends for Counter Valir

In the Mobile Legends game, Valir is not easy to beat.  Having skills that are too sick, these 5 Mobile Legends heroes are able to counter Valir.  You can really try it.

Valir is known to be able to provide great damage with attack skills which are certainly a threat to the opponent's hero.  Not until the ultimate skill, one Valir skill is even known to be quite troublesome.

The more it hurts, Valir's ultimate skill has the same effect as purify.  Naturally, when meeting Valir on the lane, the opposing heroes need careful calculations to conquer this one hero.

Being a threat on the lane, there are at least 5 Mobile Legends heroes who are known to be able to counter Valir.  As a precaution when meeting in the match, don't forget to use this row of hero counters of Valir.

1. Lancelot Mobile Legends

To counter Valir with Lancelot, you can rely on this one assassin hero skill.  Lancelot's one skill is known to have great damage that can overcome Valir.  This Hero Mobile Legends is also known to be able to imune Valir's attacks.

2. Lesley Mobile Legends

Lesley's missing skill can be a mainstay to make Valir overwhelmed to attack him.  Lesley's damage is even quite painful and is able to kill opponents with basic attacks.

3. Kaja Mobile Legends

Because of his skills, Kaja is often a counter for several strong heroes including Valir.  To defeat Valir, you need to use Kaja's ultimate skill to lock before finishing him with other team heroes.

4. Ruby Mobile Legends

Having passive skills that can increase lifesteal, Ruby can move places with her skills, making it difficult for Valir to catch up with this one hero.  When Ruby is hit by Valir's attack, she only needs to strike back to restore HP.

5. Khufra Mobile Legends

This one hero is known to have a CC effect on all the skills he has.  This one effect when used will cause Valir to become suffocated and unable to move as much.  It's a good idea to take advantage of Khufra when the two Valir skills can't be used.

Those were 5 Mobile Legends heroes who were able to counter Valir.  If you meet this hero in the Land of Dawn, make sure to immediately choose one of the 5 heroes above so you can conquer the game.

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