6 items Best Build Luo Yi Mobile Legends From Jess No Limit

6 items Best Build Luo yi Mobile Legends From Jess No Limit

Luo Yi is known as one of the most OP hero mages in the Mobile Legends game.  Not long ago, Jess No Limit shared a Luo Yi build that was guaranteed to be really annoying on the lane.

Jess No Limit emphasized that Luo Yi was very good to be used as a support hero.  This is because the ultimate skill of this hero does not provide great damage but can only bring the team to teleport.

In a match, Luo Yi will be of great help to his teammates as long as Luo Yi's entire build item is chosen properly.  Jess No Limit tried it immediately, here is the sickest Luo Yi build that this hero must use in every match.

Luo Yi's one skill is called Dipersion Yang which gives a stack of armor, movement, and damage that is quite painful.  Luo Yi's second skill is Rotation Yang to give a slow effect.  While Luo Yi's ultimate skill is Diversion to teleport.

According to Jess No Limit, here is the Luo Yi build that you can use so that this one hero can successfully interfere with enemies on the lane.

1. Movement Items (Demon Shoes)

This one item is really mandatory to use to give Mana quickly in the early game for Luo Yi.  This item is able to give 30 Mana Regen points and 40 percent Movement Speed ​​which is good for recovery and killing enemies and minions.

2. Magic Items (Ice Queen Wand)

This one item is capable of making damage that slows down the enemy's speed by 15 percent for 3 seconds and can be given 2 times.  This item provides an additional 150 Mana Regen and 7 percent Movement Speed.

3. Magic Items (Glowing Wand)

These Glowing Wand magic items will be very useful to provide additional HP, Magic Power, and Movement Speed.  The passive effect of this item can burn the enemy for 3 seconds and damage up to 4 percent.

4. Magic Items (Necklace of Durance)

As support, Luo Yi must use the Necklace of Durance to increase Magic Power, Magic Lifesteal, and Cooldown Reduction.  With this item the passive effect can reduce the healing effects and spell vamp by 50 percent.

5. Magic Items (Winter Truncheon)

Because it has low Defense, Luo Yi needs to use Winter Truncheon to increase Defense, HP, and Magic Power.  This item can make Luo Yi immune from damage and debuff for a few seconds.

6.Magic Items (Holy Crystal)

With Holy Crystal, Luo Yi is known to increase damage by giving 100 points of Magic Power.  With these items, Luo Yi was able to deal great damage.

As a Luo Yi user as a mainstay hero in every match, make sure to imitate the Jess No Limit version of Luo Yi.

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