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6 strong heroes below are believed to be able to counter Yu Zhong

6 strong heroes below are believed to be able to counter Yu Zhong

Some time ago, Moonton just released a new hero named Yu Zhong for Mobile Legends.  Known to have tough skills and can turn into a dragon, here are 4 strong heroes who can counter Yu Zhong in a match.

 Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends takes on the role of a hero fighter who gets strength from the dragon of darkness.  Because of this strength, Yu Zhong was able to turn himself into a dragon.

 After being released, Yu Zhong became one of the most powerful fighter heroes in the Mobile Legends game.  Serving in the offlane, Yu Zhong is able to compete with Esmeralda who is known to have painful damage.

 It's not easy to conquer Yu Zhong, but the 6 strong heroes below are believed to be able to counter Yu Zhong, who is known to have 5 skills at once.

 1. Ling

 Having extremely painful damage, Ling is believed to be one of the heroes capable of handling Yu Zhong.  The agility of this one hero made him able to provide a surprise attack for Yu Zhong.  When using Ling, don't forget to take advantage of this ultimate hero skill.

 2. Kimmy

 Having attack skills with a far attack range, Kimmy is considered one of the heroes capable of countering Yu Zhong, who has a close attack range.

 3. Masha

 Having a lot of HP, Masha can also be used to counter Yu Zhong in one on one attacks.  Masha's attack speed and attacks are also believed to be able to handle Yu Zhong.

 4. Valir

 Valir is known to have high skills and large burst damage, sometimes Valir has to be banned for his ability.  Valir's one and two skills can be a mainstay for giving Yu Zhong a huge burst of damage.

 5. Granger

 Yu Zhong turned out to be quite weak when dealing with heroes with high burst damage.  To give Yu Zhong a huge burst of damage, you can rely on Granger for an instant kill.

 6. Hayabusa

 Apart from using heroes with high burst damage, agile heroes like Hayabusa can also conquer Yu Zhong.  When facing Hayabusa with his agility, Yu Zhong was guaranteed to be overwhelmed by restoring HP and Sha Essence.

 Yu Zhong is currently known as a tough hero who is sometimes hard to beat in matches.  Those were 6 strong heroes that could be counted on to counter Yu Zhong.  You need special accuracy and skills to be able to conquer this new hero in Mobile Legends.

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