Best Build Hylos Mobile Legends and Painful in 2021

Best Build Hylos Mobile Legends and Painful in 2020 - Hylos, is one of the Tank heroes that has been present in Mobile Legends since 2018.

This hero who has a shape similar to the zodiac sign Sagittarius has the specialties of Regen and Poke.

Its popularity is relatively stable at every season change which also affects Meta in the MOBA game made by Moonton.

The reason is, Hylos is one of the Tank heroes that is nice to use because it has high durability and ability effects.

If you are caught by an opponent using Hylos, you will definitely feel the thickness of his HP which makes him difficult to beat.

What's more, his blue ring that secretly reduces your HP.

Well, if you want to use Hylos as a Tank hero to fight in the Land of Dawn, you must know which build is suitable for him.

Immediately, GAme News Update gives a recommendation for the Hylos Mobile Legends build that hurts 2021, which you can read the explanation below.

1. Warrior Boots

First, you have to buy items that can increase the Movement Speed ​​attribute.

Warrior Boots are suitable for use by Hylos as a Tank hero because these types of shoes can add +22 Physical Defense.

In addition, this item also has a unique passive that can increase Physical Defense by 5 every time Hylos receives a Basic Attack, a maximum of up to 25.

2. Clock of Destiny

For the second item, you can buy Clock of Destiny items which can add +60 Magic Power, +615 HP and +600 Mana.

With this item, Hylos can also get an additional HP of 30 and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds.

If the time reaches the maximum, then Hylos will get an extra 5% Magic Attack and 300 Mana.

3. Athena's Shield

The third item you can use the Athena Shield which is known as a defense item which is suitable for providing defense against magical attacks.

Athena Shield can add +500 HP, +62 Magical Defense and +20 HP Regen.

The unique passive of this item can also add a Shield for Hylos of 170-1150 points every 30 seconds.

The shield will make Hylos stronger as the game progresses.

4. Queen's Wings

During the late game, you can use Queen's Wings which is a defense item.

This item can provide additional +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP and + 10% Cooldown Reduction.

5. Immortality

You can buy a defense item called Immortality as the fifth item for Hylos.

If you buy this item, Hylos can get additional stats in the form of +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense.

Immortality has a unique passive where you can resurrect 2 seconds after being eliminated by your opponent and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

6. Dominance Ice

During the late game, you can use Dominance Ice as the last item that can add +500 Mana, +70 Physical Defense, + 5% Movement Speed ​​and + 10% Cooldown Reduction attribute.

Dominance Ice also has a unique passive that can reduce Movement Speed ​​by 10% and reduce Attack Speed ​​by 30% on the closest enemy hero.

So, that's the build of the Hylos Mobile Legends item that hurts the Game News Update Meta 2021 version that you can apply in the game.

But, if you have your own recommendations, you can share them with us, OK!

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