Mobile Legends Shows Revamp Lapu - Lapu With Stronger Skills!

Mobile Legends Shows Revamp Lapu - Lapu With Stronger Skills!

As part of Project NEXT, Moonton will change some of the heroes in Mobile legends.  These changes start from existing skills to the abilities of heroes who are not very popular in Mobile Legends.  Heroes who get the revamp start from Eudora, Miya, Layla, Zilong, Alucard and many more.  One of the newest revamp hero projects sent by Mobile legends is the Lapu - Lapu revamp project which has changed almost a part of its skills.

The video above is taken from one of the mobile legends leakers DafrixKun, who recently showed the skills possessed by Revamp Lapu - lapu.  The revamp given by Moonton changes the ultimate skill possessed by this Fighter and Assassins type hero, and increases the overall damage it gives.

Starting from Ultimate which is owned by Lapu - lapu, there is no longer delay from the skill to change the form that Lapu - Lapu has.  The cool thing is, Moonton changes the skill where Lapu - lapu will now jump and give additional damage to enemies in the area.

At the same time, Lapu - Lapu will change its form to carry a large sword to inflict considerable damage on its enemies.  The ultimate skill from changing the form of the great sword has also changed, it no longer does massive damage around it but slashes the enemy 3 times, this skill is quite similar to Martis' skill, but it seems that Lapu - Lapu doesn't have anti-CC when it releases this skill.  His 2nd skill changed to his previous ultimate skill when using his big sword, and his 1st skill changed to the ultimate from lapu - lapu in the previous form

Changes in these skills will certainly increase the damage given along with their ability to chase their enemies.  Well, even though it's not 100% going to be revamped yet, this lapu-lapu revamp provides a little description regarding the hero that will be revamped in the future.  What do you think about the revamp, Brott?  And what heroes do you want to see revamp skills in in the future?

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