(Mobile Legends) Want to be a Successful Offlaner? Use these 5 mainstay heroes of Rinazmi Aerowolf!

(Mobile Legends) Want to be a Successful Offlaner?  Use these 5 mainstay heroes of Rinazmi Aerowolf!

Choosing the right offlaner Hero Mobile Legends is now difficult because of the many alternatives.

 - If you are confused, just check the recommendation of the Hero offlaner chosen by Rinazmi Aerowolf.

To be a good offlaner in Mobile Legends, you must use heroes who are trusted to carry out the task of guarding the upper and lower lanes.  The reason is, you don't only need heroes who have great damage, but also thick endurance.

The skyrocketing popularity of meta hyper carry makes Hero offlaner choices even more numerous.  You see, now not only Hero Fighter can fill this position.  All roles are also able to fill this position as long as they meet the requirements for having great damage and high durability.

Well, if you don't have an absolute choice for any offlaner heroes you can rely on, see Rinazmi Aerowolf's explanation regarding her flagship Hero.  Who knows, you are inspired by the player!  Come see the list below.

1. Uranus

Enter the Hero Tank ranks, you can now use Uranus as a Hero offlaner.  Rinazmi is an offlaner who often uses this Hero.  According to him, his capable regen abilities made him difficult to kill.

With the abilities possessed by Uranus, you are able to survive longer.  This too will irritate the opponents.  This Aerowolf player also said, if you use Uranus, make sure to disturb the enemy core.

"Uranus has a thick body resistance and is equipped with a tight regen.  That's why, you shouldn't be afraid to disturb the enemy core. "

2. Jawhead

After giving his GG tips using Jawhead, Rinazmi also included him in the list of mainstay heroes.  According to him, this hero who can throw anyone near him can do great damage to his opponent.

By mixing the right items, you can kill enemy cores quickly.  Able to fire 12 missiles at the target for 5 seconds, Jawhead will also deal 125 (+ 20% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

“Has a lot of damage and can throw anyone near it, use Jawhead to target the enemy core.  The throwing skill will be really annoying. "

3. Thamuz

As a Hero Fighter, Thamuz is a complete package.  You see, not only does it have painful damage, this Hero also has a thick body resistance.  Usually, Thamuz is also used to strengthen the offlaner side.

As a Thamuz user, the player who graduated from the 2019 Esports President Cup also said to lure the enemy to issue his skills.  You can also become a fortress when enemy skills are released towards the core to protect it.

“Thamuz is a hero who has a thick body resistance.  The benefit of this is to absorb enemy damage towards teammates or cores.  Wait for the skills to come out and you can strike back. "

 4. Chou

So a flexible Hero, you can use Chou as a Fighter or Tank / Support.  Blessed with anti crowd control (CC) abilities, this Hero will make it difficult for his enemies to catch him.  You see, his agility will make Chou difficult to catch.

If you direct an item to make him sick, Chou can kill his enemy in a flash.  You see, the ultimate from this Hero will give damage of 400 (+ 200% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

“You can use Chou's agility to do split push.  In addition to annoying him because of his disable skill, he can also finish off the enemy core hero if you add damage items. "

5. Esmeralda

High mobility makes Esmeralda a Hero Mage / Tank.  Being able to absorb the opponent's shield makes this Hero who has a lore connection with Khufra difficult to kill.  Not only that, Esmeralda can also kill her enemies easily with her skills.

If you are in a team fight state, Rinazmi tells you to target Hero Support or the core first.  You see, these two heroes can threaten the safety of your teammates.

“If you use Esmeralda, try to target the core Hero or enemy support during team fights.  Take advantage of his Ulti skill to get into the heart of the enemy's defense. "

How do you respond to Rinazmi's line of heroes for the offlane side?  If you have other flagship heroes, don't hesitate to write in the comments column below!  Stay on Game News Update so you don't miss news about other pro players.

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