New Hero Release, Brody becomes the worst Marksman on the Advance Mobile Legends server!


GNU - MOBILE LEGEND : It is an open secret that Moonton often releases new OP super heroes which are generally used to attract the attention of the players.
However, it looks like this new hero is quite outrageous.
Having a slender form, this hero has a variety of OP skills that can destroy his enemies with one slash!
Reported by one of the leakers on mobile legends who recently released a video related to the gameplay and skills possessed by brody.
This marksman hero is a DPS, as well as a pretty severe burst damager, especially in the late game.

He has 3 active skills accompanied by 1 ultimate skill which when seen is a combination of all OP marksman heroes who recently became META early 2020. It can be seen from the use of skill 1 which will be his main skill, Skill 2 for stun enemies, and the ultimate.

which will be the most burst damage skill if used correctly.
He is also a hero with a basic attack that is quite unique.
Where players can only mark their enemies up to a maximum of 5 marks, then this mark will give an additional possible critical chance to their enemies, what's worse, these marks will also give an additional slow effect.
The mark can be stuck for all existing enemy heroes, and when using the ultimate, to give damage to the existing hero depending on how many marks there are from each hero.
It has a strong CC effect, high Burst damage, along with unique abilities. Surely this hero will become a META hero who must be banned in the future, right?

Descripsi skill :

  • Skill 1: [Abyss Impact] Protti launches a shock wave in the designated direction, dealing damage and inflicting Abyss Mark on enemies hit. As the shock wave travels, for each enemy it hits, it deals extra damage and applies additional stacks of Abyss Mark.
  • Skill 2: [Corrosive Strike] Protti dashes to an enemy, dealing damage, stunning the enemy, and inflicting Abyss Mark on the enemy. Upon hitting the target, he is able to move one more time in the movement direction.
  • Ultimate: [Torn-Apart Memory] Protti locks on all the targets within 7 yards, dealing damage to the target according to the stack number of Abyss Mark the target has. All Abyss Marks on the target will be reset.
  • Passive: [Abyss Corrosion] Protti is able to move while channeling, at the cost of having longer channeling time and lower Attack Speed bonus. Each Basic Attack slows the enemy and inflicts 1 stack of Abyss Mark on the enemy, capped at 5 stacks, Each stack of the abyss will increase Protti Critical chance against the target. Every time Pronti hits the target with critical hits, he gains extra movement speed.

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