These 7 Best Mobile Legends Heroes can take you to Mythic!

These 7 Best Mobile Legends Heroes can take you to Mythic!

Entering the middle of the season, of course there are a lot of mobile legends players who are worried about reaching the mythic rank or not.  Because getting a mythic rank itself is an achievement that is not easy for most people.  This is because the mythic rank is one of the highest ranks in mobile legends which proves that players are not noob in playing the game.

So, if you have trouble getting up to the mythic rank, maybe you should try some OP heroes in Mobile Legends!  Check out the following article broo!

1. Atlas

Having a crowd control that is quite extensive with a very severe slow is the reason why this OP hero can take you in Mythic.  Because the ultimate in this atlas can be combined with any hero.  This hero can randomize enemies, and pull them to an area.  Combo that can be used, Skill 2> Flicker> Ultimate> Skill 1.

2. Claude

One of the marksman that is quite feared in any rank.  This hero has the ability to farm very quickly, this hero generally does farming in the early and early mid game, until finally he gets 2 core items, namely "Demon Hunter" and "Golden Staff" After that, he will scramble the enemy team with help  his full stack skill 1> his teleport skill 2> his ultimate.

3. Selena

Still an OP hero in Mobile Legends, Selena with her 3 second stun can kill any hero even though she has a low level.  This hero is a hero that is quite feared both in the early and in the late game.  His burst damage cannot be underestimated, and even though he is now a support hero in mid game, this hero still has quite high damage!

4. Valir

Although not too feared, this hero is very annoying support.  The slow effect it gives is very annoying, and enemies who are hit by skill 2 will be pushed to the end.  To make matters worse, when combined with all of his skills, this hero will have an additional stun CC which is quite severe.  Coupled with the right items, the resulting damage is no joke.

5. Helcurt

Helcurt is one of the heroes who is quite feared because of his ability to pick up the back of the enemy, especially the marksman and kill him with one slash.  Worse yet, when the ultimate is used, the enemy team will lose direction, and players will have a hard time killing the Helcurt team.  This hero also has very severe burst damage, both in the early and late games, so players who play on the same lane will have a very hard time being killed by this one hero.

6. Khufra

Khufra is the best anti and counter hero of all heroes who have blink.  Generally when used with a good mid laner, all heroes who are picked up by Khufra will be killed.  The combination of skill 1 and the ultimate cannot be underestimated.

7. Grock

Still an OP hero for several seasons, Grock is quite feared because of his ability to enter the tower, and run easily when he kills his enemies.  Not only that, his ability to immune any crowd control for almost more than 4 seconds is also quite annoying.  The high damage and the ability to block enemies are quite annoying when used properly.

So, those are some of the mobile legends heroes that can bring you to the Mythic rank if used correctly.  All of the heroes above have quite OP abilities compared to other current heroes, but it should be noted that players must at least practice these heroes in order to become OP in rank matches.

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