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3. A Hero Who Can Beat Benedetta Easily

Lunox counter benedetta

Here are some heroes that you can count on to defeat Benedetta based on their respective roles.

Hero Marksman: Lesley

One of the Marksman heroes who was able to defeat Benedetta was Lesley.  When dealing with Benedetta, all you have to do is take out the Master of Camouflage skill (Skill 1) to get close to Benedetta.

Next attack Benedetta using Basic Attack.  If Benedetta tries to attack, avoid it using Tactical Grenade (Skill 2).  Then attack again using Basic Attack.  Finish Benedetta using the Ultimate Snip skill (Skill 3).

So that if sorted will be:

Skill 1> Basic Attack> Skill 2> Basic Attack> Skill 3

Hero Assassin: Gusion

Gusion is one of the Assassin heroes who can beat Benedetta.  When dealing with Benedetta, cast Shadowblade Slaughter (Skill 2) at Benedetta.

Then use the Incandescence skill (Skill 3) to refresh all cooldown skills.  Take out the Shadowblade Slaughter (Skill 2) again followed by the SwordSpike (Skill 1) skill towards Benedetta.

Press the Sword Spike skill (Skill 1) and Shadowblade Slaughter skill (Skill 2) in quick succession to end Benedetta.  Aim the Incandescence skill (Skill 3) to dash to a safer place.

So that if sorted will be:

Skill 2> Skill 3> Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 3

Hero Mage: Lunox

Lunox is one of the Mage heroes that you can use to defeat Benedetta.  When dealing with Benedetta, the blood installments use the Cosmic Fission skill (Skill 3).

Then attack using Chaos Assault (Skill 2) to give magic damage and activate Darkening mode.

Dash in a nice direction to attack using the Order & Chaos Darkening skill (Skill 4).  Then spam the Chaos Assault skill (Skill 2) to finish Benedetta.

So that if sorted will be:

Skill 3> Skill 2> Skill 4> Skill 2 (Continuous)

Well, that's the Hero who can beat Benedetta in Mobile Legends who can help you win the match.  Don't forget to share this article with your friends!

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