5 Mistakes for Beginners When Playing League of Legends Wild Rift

 5 Mistakes for Beginners When Playing League of Legends Wild Rift

Being one of the most anticipated games of the year, League of Legends Wild Rift has a variety of new mechanics that will make some newcomers a little confused.

Even though you are one of the popular MOBA game players, such as Mobile Legends and AOV, in fact Wild Rift has quite a striking difference - making beginners make mistakes when trying it.  Oops, what do you think?  Let us discuss it below.

1. Forgot to buy items while at the base

Because we are used to playing Mobile Legends and AOV that buy items on the road, you will often forget to buy items while at the base.  Beginners will experience these kinds of things when playing Wild Rift.

Even though you are an AOV and Mobile Legends player, this first point will undoubtedly still bother you, so you need more adjustments.  So, make sure to always buy items when they are at the base, guys.  Do not forget!

2. Cannot Distinguish Baron Lane and Dragon Lane

The second thing, namely not being able to distinguish the Baron lane and Dragon lane.  You need to know, because the map in League of Legends is a mirror, so Dragon doesn't only respawn on the bot lane, sometimes it can also be on the top lane.

Well, the way to find out the Baron lane and Dragon lane is by looking at the indicators when the game starts.  Dragon lane will be light blue, while Baron lane will be purple.

3. Incorrectly Install the Runes

Runes are one of the most important aspects that you must prepare before fighting.  In a way, runes will determine your playstyle in the game, be more aggressive or defensive.

However, there were several cases where beginners mistook their runes for taking too long to choose the Champion they wanted to play.

4. Mid Lane Always Marksman

The fourth mistake that beginners usually make when playing Wild Rift is always filling the mid lane position with a marksman.  In fact, the benchmark for becoming a mid lane Champion is not from shooting distance, but their speed in clearing waves.

Because the mid lane has to roam often to help teammates who are on the side lane.  And, for this reason, mages or assassins with high burst damage can also fill the mid lane position.

5. Fight for Blue Buff and Red Buff

In Wild Rift, there are two buffs that you can take, namely blue buff and red buff.  This buff has its own advantages, such as the blue buff to increase HP / mana regen and the red buff to provide additional damage.

Well, because in Wild Rift you will only use one jungler, so the blue buff and red buff will belong to the jungler (for the early game)

However, if you have entered the mid game, usually the blue buff will be given to the mid lane so that you can sustain longer on the lane (no need to recall) while trading damage without fear of running out of mana.

As for the red buff, it will usually be given to the marksman so that the damage he produces is greater.

So, those are the five mistakes beginners will likely make when playing Wild Rift.

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