Here are 5 Champions League of Legends Wild Rift Suitable for Newbies

League of legends wild rift

Like other MOBA games, in League of Legends Wild Rift has many Champions (as League of Legends heroes) that you can play.  In order not to get confused, on this occasion the author will give you a list of lim champions League of Legends Wild Rift that are suitable for newbies.

5. Garen (Top Lane)

Garen league of legends

Garen is a tank that has an easy mechanic.  He has high endurance and has a skill that can give silent to the enemy.  This knight from Demacia (one of the regions in League of Legends) is also able to provide true damage to the enemy by using his ultimate.

He can be one of the Champions League of Legends Wild Rift who is very strong at the initial level, including when dueling 1 vs 1.

4. Ashe (ADC)

Ashe League of legends

Ashe is an ADC (attack-damage carry) that you can get early in the game.  Because he doesn't have complex skill combos, this Champion Champion League of Legends Wild Rift is perfect for even newbies to play.

Even though Ashe is a hero range, he can be an initiator in team fight by using his ultimate called Enchanted Crystal Arrow with a stun effect when hit by an enemy.

3.Lux (Mid Lane)

Lux League of legends

Just like Garen, Lux also came from Demacia.  Lux's full name is Luxanna Crownguard, who acts as a strong and young Light Mage.  His ability to stun cannot be underestimated.  He can stun two people at once by using a skill called Light Blinding.

In order to do the finishing, Lux can use the Final Spark and give an attack like a laser with super big damage.

2. Master Yi (Jungle)

Master yi League og legends

For those of you who want to try playing a jungler, you can really try this samurai on this one, Master Yi.  Even though he is not able to blink like most other assassins, Master Yi has the mobility and high attack speed to tear the enemy apart.

1. Blitzcrank (Support)

Blitzcrank league of legends

Blitzcrank is a robot that has the ability to support which is quite troublesome for the initial level.  He can become an initiator who can attract enemies using a skill called Rocket Grab and combined with a Power Fist to provide knock-up targets.  If you're not good at dodging, get ready to die early in the game.

So, those are the five Champions League of Legends Wild Rift that are suitable for beginners.

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