Here Are 5 Counter Heroes for Khaleed Mobile Legends You Must Know!

Here Are 5 Counter Heroes for Khaleed Mobile Legends You Must Know!

Every hero in Mobile Legends can certainly be countered with a certain hero to keep them from moving on the battlefield.

Recently, Mobile Legends has the arrival of a new fighter named Khaleed.  Because it's still fairly new, surely you guys are still confused about fighting this one hero, right?

Now for those of you who are still having trouble, it's better to just look at the five choices of Khaleed Mobile Legends hero counters to make them helpless throughout the game.

Without further ado, let's just get into the discussion below!

1. Khufra

Here Are 5 Counter Heroes for Khaleed Mobile Legends You Must Know!

It is no longer a secret that Khufra has always been the choice of a hero that can be used against agile heroes like Khaleed.

When Khufra becomes a ball, he can stop Khaleed easily and give him a knockback effect that will stop his movement for a few moments.

In addition, Khufra can also cancel Khaleed's Quicksand Guard very easily, making Khaleed unable to restore his HP when dealing with Khufra.

In a big team fight, Khaleed can't do much if Khufra is around because his movements are very limited and he can't launch his Desert Tornado skills well.

2. Chou

Chow mobile legends

If there is a hero who is weak against Crowd Control, then Chou is the choice of hero who should be used to overcome them.

Yes, Khaleed is one of the heroes who is vulnerable to Crowd Control and will be very difficult when dealing with Chou.

Almost all of Khaleed's skills can be stopped easily by Chou because he has the Jeet Kune Do skill which can give Khaleed an airborne effect.

That way Khaleed couldn't move freely and fill his blood at will when he met Chou on the battlefield.

3. Atlas

Atlas mobile legends counter khaleed

If Khufra or Chou are still not enough to stop Khaleed, then you can also use Atlas to finish off Khaleed.

Atlas can give Khaleed the Crowd Control effect, and is able to thwart Khaleed's Quicksand Guard very easily.

In a big team battle, Khaleed won't be able to do much when dealing with Atlas because he still has the Fatal Links skill that is ready to beat Khaleed.

4. Luo Yi

Hero counter khaleed

Luo Yi is one of the Mobile Legends heroes with a very annoying Crowd Control.

Of course Luo Yi's Crowd Control can interfere with Khaleed very easily thanks to his passive skill called Duality.

In certain situations, Khaleed became an easy target for Luo Yi because he could be targeted by the Rotation skill very easily.

5. Badang

Hero counter khaleed

Another Khaleed Mobile Legends hero counter after Luo Yi is Badang.  In META at this time, Badang is one of the strongest Fighter heroes because he can inflict great damage and annoying Crowd Control.

With just one combo, Badang might be able to finish off Khaleed instantly.

Even though Khaleed managed to escape using the Quicksand Guard, surely this skill could easily be thwarted by Badang's Qigong Fist.

So that's the discussion about the hero counter of Khaleed Mobile Legends that you must use when dealing with this hero on the battlefield.

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