The story of Harley Hero in Mobile Legends

Mobile legends story of harley

In the magic academy called Lion Academy, which is located in Magical City, there lived a famous young magician named Harley.  Due to his ability, he became one of the children blessed by the Magical Goddess.

Even though they are great, children are still children, so are Harley and her friends who decide to go on an adventure to explore the forest in the middle of the night.  While in the middle of the forest, accidentally, they heard about the bad intentions of an evil organization called the Dark Wizards.

Dark Wizards desire to rule Magical City for personal gain.  Bravely, they decided to stop it all!  However, while investigating, Harley accidentally activates the Space Portal and is thrown to the other side of the Land of Dawn, namely Scholar City.

There, he meets the mechanic, Rooney, who helps Harley to return to Magical City.  With the help of other friends, namely Lolita, Bruno, Alpha, and Saber, they also try to return to Magical City to destroy the Core of Demorte, the leader of the Dark Wizards.

However, before returning to adventure to Magical City, Harley must improve his magic abilities.  Finally, he decided to first train in the Land of Dawn in order to strengthen his abilities.

On the other hand, Lesley, who is Harley's adopted brother, begins to worry and find out about Harley's whereabouts.  However, this story will be in the background part of Lesley's story which we will tell on another occasion.

Harley is a mage who relies on a combination of all of his skills to inflict the greatest possible damage on one target.  When compared to other mages, Harley is one of the mages with the best escape mechanism that can't be killed just like that.

With the help of Space Escape, Harley can move around quickly to do damage, then immediately return to the point before he moved.  If Space Escape is still lacking, you can still add flicker as a Battle Spell to make Harley more difficult to kill.

Harley only has one main build, this build involves all gears that provide considerable magic power, such as Blood Wings and Concentrated Energy.  With this gear, Harley will give maximum damage even though this makes it a dead glass canon.

The only drawback for Harley is heroes who have more than one disable, such as Nana, or heroes who have the ability to charge so they can catch up to Harley who moves very fast, such as Zilong, Hylos, and Jawhead.

Harley's main friends are disabled heroes so they can hold enemies in one place long enough so that Harley can maximize her Deadly Magic.  Apart from disabling abilities, Harley also really likes heroes who can inflict enormous damage when Deadly Magic is being activated.

If you are dealing with Harley, be careful with the surprise attacks that he often launches.  You have to do the turret hug frequently so you can get away from his Deadly Magic and Poker Trick combination.

If you are a team with Harley, then you have to initiate or follow up frequently after Harley's release of Deadly Magic.  With the initiation or follow up that you do, you can be sure that the enemy who is in the same lane with Harley and you will soon face a difficult and depressed life.

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