The Story of Hylos Hero in Mobile Legends

The Story of Hylos Hero in Mobile Legends

Game News Update - In the midst of the misty mountains located far north of the Land of Dawn, there is an ancient race we know as Centaurs.  The Centaurs are tasked with protecting a spring that is located at the top of the highest mountain called the Fountain of Life.  According to myth, the spring gives life to anyone who drinks its water.

The Dark Force tried many times to get the strength they found from these springs, but their efforts were in vain because they were always thwarted by the power of the Centaurs.

As time went by, the Centaurs began to feel tired.  The opportunity was taken by the Dark Force to attack and do battle.  The power of the spring was almost taken away, until finally there came a very strong Centaur named Hylos.

Hylos derives his power from the mastery of the anger of nature.  This power was used to beat back and punish the intruders who entered the spring area.  After this incident, Hylos became a legendary figure famous throughout the Land of Dawn.

Hylos is a tank that is very difficult to kill in Mobile Legends.  When used with accuracy and calculation, Hylos can become a hero who stands at the forefront as well as a killing machine for his friends.  All of this can be achieved thanks to the Law and Order and Ring of Punishment.  With these two skills, Hylos can torture anyone, especially melee heroes at early levels.

Hylos has a variety of builds, but the most popular builds are two.  The first build, Hylos will use gears that have magic power and mana.  Meanwhile, the second build utilizes gears that are full of defense and HP.

The first build involved various magic gears, such as Concentrated Energy and Thunder Belt.  This gear will make Hylos have high HP, very painful magic attacks, and very high DoT (damage over time).  Unfortunately, this build requires Hylos not to take too much damage because, even though he has a thick HP, his defense is not too high.

The second build requires defensive gear, such as Demon's Advent, Bloodthirsty King, and Heart of Steel.  This gear will make Hylos have high HP and defense, but his magic and DoT attacks are normal.  With this build, Hylos can stand on the front lines longer and take enormous damage while continuing to injure all of his enemies.

Whichever build Hylos chooses, victory remains the responsibility of all.  Because, in essence, Hylos cannot fight alone.  He must be accompanied by his friends who provide as much damage assistance as possible to enemies who are busy attacking him.

Even though he works as a tank, Hylos can be used as a kiting hero.  All thanks to Ring of Punishment which will provide continuous DoT and slow their movement.

Hylos has no immortal enemies, but he can be muzzled if the enemy can figure out how.  Basically, Hylos is very difficult to collect gear, because he cannot wave clear quickly.  For that, pressing Hylos from scratch is a must.  If Hylos fails to have the level and gear needed to cross to the mid or late game, Hylos will turn into a useless and soft tank.

Hylos's best friends are heroes who have massive burst damage, such as Odette, Eudora, Fasha, Hayabusa, and many more.  Hylos will happily hold back the heroes they target with his Law and Order skills.  If lucky enough, Hylos will even take the wrong kill because of the heaps of DoT.

You can't kill the Centaur if he already has the complete gear.  All you can do is destroy his friends first, then make Hylos the last priority.  To do this, you need team coordination and various AoE crowd control skills.

If you are a team with Hylos, then you must be able to provide the support damage needed by Hylos to defeat his enemies and continue to survive behind Hylos, the mighty Centaur.

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