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The Story Of Jawhead Hero in Mobile Legends

Jawhead is a fighter hero who has deadly attacks, especially when doing solo kills. When used by an expert, Jawhead will be a tough fighter to kill
The Story Of Jawhead Hero in Mobile Legends

Jawhead is a fighter hero who has deadly attacks, especially when doing solo kills.  When used by an expert, Jawhead will be a tough fighter to kill and very strong when dealing with fast-moving assassins.

The Jawhead story

A secret organization called the Dawn Council has existed long ago in the Land of Dawn.  Nobody knows the main purpose of this organization but it is certain that when there is a crisis they will come and handle the crisis.  You could say they are mysterious figures appearing from afar who will restore their condition.

Professor Henry and his wife work for the Dawn Council to research and provide advanced technology to government agencies and mysterious clients they don't know about.  One day, they have finished developing the latest technology namely SMART-01, a robot that is very smart and more powerful than other androids around the world.  This robot can move according to the awareness of its owner and this technology has never existed in any part of the country.

The leader of the Dawn Council saw the potential for the SMART-01 to go to war, and ordered Henry and his wife to apply the technology to government agencies so that it could be mass produced.  They both refused the order and then assigned the SMART-01 prototype to destroy all research data and mysteriously disappeared.

Somewhere, a little boy named Alice tries to find his father.  It turns out that in his search Alice meets the Dawn Council.  A terrified Alice summoned SMART-01 before her.  It turns out that SMART-01 is a robot that was once called Jawhead by Alice's father.  Seeing the data match between Alice and her father, SMART-01 immediately activated and attacked anyone who tried to disturb Alice.

Finally they both decided to start an adventure and tour the Land of Dawn to find Alice's parents who disappeared with the only clue that remained, namely the pocket watch left by her father.

Role Jawhead

Jawhead is a Mobile Legends hero who has a role fighter.  Jawhead cannot be played in a conventional manner.  You need a lot of practice before you finally master Jawhead completely.  The most basic exercise is looking at the position of the enemy and teammates.  Without this ability, it is impossible for Jawhead to be used optimally.

Jawhead's strengths

Jawhead really likes teammates who can issue burst damage quickly and are target lock or AoE.  Why does Jawhead like him?  Because Jawhead's Ejector makes the enemy he throws difficult to target heroes with other types of skills.

Jawhead's main ability is to isolate one important target.  Because of this ability, you should leave the matter of initiation to another hero who is thicker.  You should appear second to finish off important targets who are trying to kiting or running away.

Jawhead's Weaknesses

Jawhead is the weakest when facing heroes with large burst damage.  For that, you should stay far away when facing heroes of this type.  If you have no other choice but to fight it.  Do it quickly and efficiently, so you don't take too much damage.

Jawhead Equipment

The gear that Jawhead must make is gear with high damage such as Berserker's Fury or Bloodlust Ax if you need a spell vamp.  If you already have the gear attack you need, you can switch to defense gear.  Two defense gears will really help Jawhead to survive longer during team fights.

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