The Story Of Lesley Hero In Mobile Legends

The Story Of Lesley Hero In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has many heroes who have the title of one hit squad, aka having one attack with enormous damage.  Lesley is a very popular one hit squad, because she has the ability to finish off an opponent who is running away as long as there are no enemy heroes blocking her attacks.

The story of Lesley

As a soldier Lesley was raised by the Vance Family, where her father used to work to protect this noble family.  During an attack by the rival Vance Family, Lesley's father is killed in battle.  To avenge his father, Lesley then joined the Vance Family attack team.

Lesley then adopted his father's black rifle and completed his father's final mission.  Her tears continued to trickle down as Lesley opened fire on the enemy and finished off her father's killers.  The final tear dripped as his final shot took care of the rivals of the noble family.

Lesley was then adopted by the Vance Family and at the same time became a confidant to nurture and supervise her only heir, Harley, who was originally a genius but bad guy.  Harley uses her talent for magic to cause a lot of trouble in the Vance Family.

After being separated for a long time because Harley went to study magic at the Lion Academy, Lesley finally got the news about her adoptive sister traveling in the very dangerous Land of Dawn.  He immediately went to find his adopted sister.  Armed with the same rifle he used to finish off the rival Vance family, Lesley set off for the Land of Dawn.

After some time, Lesley finally managed to find Harley and was surprised to see changes in Harley.  Originally Harley was a very spoiled annoying little boy, now he has become more mature after gaining a lot of life and experience in the Land of Dawn.

Lesley finally decided to watch Harley practice and secretly protect him from a distance.  From then on, every monster hit by Harley's magic will be shot by a black bullet.  The news finally spread throughout the Land of Dawn about a young witch who was followed by a mysterious shadow.

How to Play Lesley

Like other marksman, Lesley is a core carry that requires scaling and farming to reach its potential.  In the hands of a very skilled person, Lesley became a sniper who couldn't be killed easily and mastered the late game with an enormous burst of damage.

Lesley's strengths

The ability to target critical attacks cannot be underestimated, as can the ability to finish off enemies from a great distance.  With these two combinations, Lesley can certainly torture enemies from the start and kill the dying hero who tries to escape.

Lesley's weakness

Actually, Lesley has slightly worse scaling than other marksman, but all of that can be overcome as long as she can destroy the enemy marksman from the start.  Fortunately Lesley's skills support this.

Apart from bad scaling, Lesley is also very weak at hero charges that can approach him at high speed.  This weakness arises because Lesley cannot deal massive damage constantly.

Lesley's Equipment

Lesley's main equipment is divided into attack speed and criticality.  Both of these statuses can be fulfilled with Scarlet Phantom and Berserker's Fury.  The next equipment can adjust the conditions faced by Lesley.  He can buy Endless Battle for lifesteal and damage or Malefic Roar to penetrate armor and destroy towers.

If you want to take advantage of Lesley, try not to take the game to the late game for too long.  Because over time you will lose damage to non-Lesley enemy marksman.

When a team fight occurs, try to keep your position as safe as possible so that you can inflict great damage on the enemy without fear of being hit.

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