The Story Of Nana Hero In Mobile Legends

The Story Of Nana Hero In Mobile Legends

Nana was born in a magical forest far from civilization.  He was born as a cat fairy who controlled great power from birth.  Unfortunately the magic power was very difficult for him to control.

Nana's magic power is very dangerous.  One time his power came out very fiercely and destroyed half of Nana's hometown.  Fortunately one day Miya the traveler from the Moon Elf nation came to Nana village.  He saw the chaos that was happening and understood a technique that would allow Nana to control her dangerous magic power.

Nana apparently learned the teachings very quickly from Miya.  Finally Nana can control this power and use that great magic to help others.  All the magic techniques that Miya taught were quickly absorbed by Nana.

Nana then decided to follow Miya's footsteps to go to the Land of Dawn.  They both seek the existence of a new King who can rule the world and save the Land of Dawn.

Nana is a support that has two disables at once.  You could say Nana is a disabled support that is very flexible and quite deadly when used properly.

In the hands of an expert player, Nana can dispel anyone and create kill opportunities for the team.  You could say because of its existence there will be no enemy heroes who survived if they have been disabled by Nana.

Because she doesn't really need gear, Nana can make any gear and adapt it to battle conditions.  Nana could have made a gear tank to withstand hit or even a marksman gear to have a high attack speed.  In essence, Nana can be used in any situation.

Nana can use Battle Spell Flicker, Sprint or Healing Spell.  The two initial Battle Spells were used by Nana to engage or be stunned by enemies.  Meanwhile, the Healing Spell is used by Nana if she acts as the main support for the team.  Sometimes we encounter Nana who uses Battle Spell Inspire to increase attack speed when using build marksman.

If you use Nana or a team with Nana, you should follow a friend's hero who has a large burst of damage.  You need them because you can't produce a lot of damage, especially in the early game.  So there is nothing wrong with stalking the fighters or assassins who are guarding the lane.

Nana is very weak against disablers or nukers who have huge burst damage.  So you have to protect Nana or stay away from enemy heroes who have a disabler or nuker role when you become Nana.  If you get stuck in the middle of an enemy, you have to quickly flicker to get away or disable your enemy.

Currently Nana is not very popular to use, but along with the many new heroes who have great crowd control effects and are hard to kill, Nana's popularity has started to climb, although sometimes replaced by Diggie or other support heroes.

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