5 Tips To Beat Darius League of Legends

 5 Tips To Beat Darius League of Legends

Darius is one of the two champions from Noxus who finally came to Wild Rift.  If you've played League of Legends PC, you probably know how frustrating it can be against this champion.  Darius has built-in sustain in his kit in the form of Decimate, slow pucks through Cripping Strike, to mini hooks thanks to Apprehend.

Although often referred to as having the status of a tank because of his thick HP, Darius is actually a fighter who likes long-term combat.

Then how do you fight this elite Noxus platoon commander if he is a fighter with a thick HP like a tank and a complete kity?  No need to worry, below are 5 tips that the author has prepared so that you can fight Darius.

Pay attention to the hemorrhage stack

If you are curious about why many champions lost to Darius when fighting in the early game phase, the answer is in Darius' passive, Hemorrhage. When Darius's auto attack or ability hits you, a stack of Hemorrhage will appear which deals damage and damage and accumulates up to 5 times.

When it reaches 5 stacks, Darius enters Noxian Might mode which will increase his AD by 29 points, which is more than two Long Swords.

Damage over time from Hemorrhage and Darius who enter NoxianMight mode if you keep pushing for a duel is more than enough to kill his enemy even at level 1.

Use Grievous Wounds Item

Decimate Darius has an effect that will restore himself based on lost HP, this number will continue to increase along with the number of champions who are exposed to the outside of the ability. Apart from making Darius a fighter with built-in sustain, Decimate also makes him an excellent teamfighter.

Because of this terrible healing, the writer recommends that you buy items with a Grievous Wounds effect such as Mortal Reminder or Morellonomicon when fighting them, so that the heal that Darius receives will be drastically reduced.

Don't Get Externally on the Decimate

As the author mentioned earlier, the outside of Decimate deals greater damage and restores Darius's HP if it hits a champion.  If you decide to have a duel with Darius, try to move inside or step back outside of Decimate.  That way, you will receive less or no damage if you choose to retreat.

The distance and radius of apprehend are greater than you think

One mistake players often make when fighting Darius is not estimating the original distance from one of his abilities, Apprehend.  Some players feel that Apprehend has a small distance and radius, even though reality says otherwise. Apprehend's distance and radius are farther and bigger than you might expect.

Apprehend itself is Darius' main ability to start a battle, be it a duel or a team fight.  Avoiding this ability is one of the keys to not dying at the hands of Darius and his team.

Don't Forget the Free Armor Penetration Darius from Apprehend

Apart from being Darius' main ability to force duels and team fights, Apprehend also provides armor penetration of 15-35 percent for Darius.  If you are curious about why it feels so soft against the champion called Hand of Noxus, this is one of the answers.

Armor penetration makes it easier for Darius to duel against other champions with thick armor like Garen or Malphite.

Regarding Darius' counterpick, the current author can only suggest Vayne.  But as you know, marksman at Baron Lane is not something that is easy to play and requires a lot of practice.

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