How to Play Sona, the Most OP Support for Beginners in the Wild Rift

How to Play Sona, the Most OP Support for Beginners in the Wild Rift

Alistar, Blitzcrank, Braum, Janna, Nami, Soraka, Sona.  There are many Support options that can be played during this closed beta.  Confuse to choose?  Maybe you can choose Sona as your first step to play Support in the Wild Rift.

Sona doesn't demand any mechanics that are tough and hard to master.  The way all the skills work is quite simple and easy to understand, making it easy to play and very friendly for beginners who want to learn to play as Support.

This guide will discuss about Sona, starting from the explanation of the kit, the recommended builds, to how to play it.


Passive - Power Chord

Every time Sona uses a skill it will generate 1 stack.  The third stack adds a special effect for the next auto attack based on the last non-ultimate skill used.

Stasccato (Hymn of Valor): deals additional damage

Diminuendo (Aria of Perseverance): reduces the damage incurred by the enemy

Tempo (Song of Celerity): slows down the enemy

All of Sona's non-ultimate skills have two effects, namely active effects and aura.  The aura effect will activate after Sona activates one of her skills and will only disappear when Sona replaces it with another aura skill

Skill 1 - Hymn of Valor

Mana Cost: 55

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Active - Deals magic damage to 2 nearby enemies.  If there is no enemy champion, it will automatically attack the nearest monster or minion.

Aura - Strengthens the attack of a friend within the aura range.

Skill 2 - Aria of Perseverance

Mana Cost: 85

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Active - Heals Sona and 1 nearby champion

Aura - Gives a shield to a friend within the aura range.

Skill 3 - Song of Celerity

Mana Cost: 65

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Active - Increases Sona's movement speed

Aura - Increases the movement speed of a friend within aura range

Ultimate - Crescendo

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 90 seconds

Sona plays a song towards a wide area line, forcing all enemies in AoE to dance for a moment (effect counts as stun) for 1 second.


The build items provided by default are more than enough and you can follow.  Consider buying Ardent Censer early if the Marksman you are working with is a type that relies on attack speed like Ashe or Vayne.

Ardent Censer has excellent synergy with Aria of Perseverance. If Sona's aura hits all friends in a team, all the friends' champions will get the effect of increasing the attack speed from Ardent Censer.  You can use this to win a teamfight or do sieging.

If the other champion in the team is dominated by AD type, you can cover the lack of AP damage in the team by building Ambush Mage by pre-ordering item Lich Bane from Boris as the first item.

Spells & Runes

An example of a customized Sona Support Build to face Zed from the opposing team.

The most effective Spell combinations are Ignite-Flash and Exhaust-Flash. Ignite is good for weakening the enemy's healing, especially if the enemy has a healer like Soraka who is famous for cancer.  Whereas Exhaust slows down while reducing enemy damage, perfect for banishing Yasuo, Zed or Nasus.

For runes, as a beginner, you should just follow the system default runes.  If there is something that needs to be changed, maybe only the last rune is changed to the Manaflow Band so that Mana doesn't feel wasteful.

Sona's excellence

It is very easy to use, even for beginners.

For now, Sona is the only champion who can maximize the effect of Ardent Censer items for 1 team at the same time with non-ultimate skills.  (The other champions are Soraka and Janna with their ultimate).

Flexible and complete.  It has hard crowd control, poke, heal, power chrod debuff (slow and reduces enemy damage), and can help teammates' mobility (roaming, chasing, or running from enemies)

Good engaging and disengage ability with ultimate.

Early game poke with high damage.

Excellent scaling.


Be extra careful when checking for dark grass

Has no instant escape skills other than Flash.

The stun cooldown is long enough and is a skillshot.  The accuracy of using this skill really depends on the player.

Ability to wave clear below average. Sona can't clean the minions quickly.  When your turret base is destroyed, don't expect Sona to guard Nexus from Super Minions alone. Not recommended.

Must have more experience or the ability to read the map for roaming. Sona can move quickly but easily dies when ambushed.

Do not have the skills to peek inside the dark grass.  Have to face check or use Sweeping Lens which still has the risk of being ambushed by enemies.

Things to pay attention to and train as a Sona user

Power Chord tricks.

Timing ultimate (Crescendo) against enemies that can "disappear" or "can't be targeted" like Master Yi, Zed, and Fizz.

Selection of Spell Ignite or Exhaust.

There is no need to participate in hitting the minions when with Marksman, unless there is no one else who can guard the turret from the minion waves.

Where to place the ward and when should the ward be placed in anticipation of gank.


  • Miss Fortune - Blitzcrank
  • Vayne - Nami
  • Any Marksman + Alistar

Sona is good vs:

  • Vayne
  • Annie
  • Sona is weak vs:
  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Janna
  • Zed
  • Yasuo
  • Fizz

Your role during the early game is as a Marksman protector who is responsible for providing heal and peel.  Don't be too far from your partner because you will become an easy target for the enemy when alone.

When entering the mid-late game, keep moving with your teammates. Sona's skills and aura buff will really help your team in various situations, from skirmish, teamfight, sieging, to taking or fighting over objectives.

You only need to spamming skills based on team needs.  But don't forget to pay attention to your Mana because Mana Sona's consumption is quite wasteful. This is often the first problem beginners encounter.

Flash-ultimate is Sona's signature combo that you can use as a team initiator or flank follow-up when a team fight occurs. Even though it has a big effect, you have to execute it properly if you don't want to die and be laughed at.

If Sona isn't available in the free champion rotation, is it worth buying?  For meta during closed betting, Sona is very good to buy, especially for beginners because the champion Support that is given free (Blitzcrank, Janna, Annie) has an average level of medium difficulty.

Don't forget to read other guides at GNU to get better at it and the road to becoming a professional player will be smoother!

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