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The Latest and Most Painful Layla Revamp Build In This Season

The Latest and Most Painful Layla Revamp Build In This Season

The Latest and Most Painful Layla Revamp Build 2020. After the NEXT project brought Moonton to Mobile Legends, many old heroes get revamped, one of which is Layla.

Layla is the first hero owned by the Mobile Legends player, which when completing the tutorial, the player gets this hero. But before being revamped, this hero was rarely taken, especially when ranked.

After the NEXT project, Layla gradually began to return to being ranked.  For those of you who want to play this hero but are confused about the build, here are recommendations from top global Layla.

Build Layla

  • Spells and Emblems
  • Spell: Retribution / Flicker
  • Emblem: Weapon Master (Marksman)

Item Build Layla

  • Swift Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Windtalker
  • Berseker's Fury
  • Malefic Roar
  • Rose Gold Meteor

Swift Boots, Demon Hunter Sword and Windtalker are useful for increasing Layla's attack speed which is really needed by Layla at this time.

In addition, Windtalker and Berseker's Fury are useful for increasing Layla's criticality so that the damage will be felt even more when you hit.

Malefic Roar is used to add physical attack and physical penetration which allows Layla to penetrate heroes with high physical defense.

Lastly is Rose Gold Meteor to make Layla get 5% physical lifesteal, 30 magical defense, 60 physical attacks.  In addition, his passive will make Layla have a shield when the blood reaches 30%.

That's the latest and most painful build of Layla Mobile Legend 2020, hope it helps.

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