League Of Legends Skin Rankings

Tingkatan Skin League Of Legends

Cosmetic items such as skin are a way to give a new appearance to the champion you are playing.  In League of Legends itself, each skin has several levels that you may not know.

Each skin level that is sold has its own advantages and disadvantages, some only provide changes to character models, to a total overhaul in terms of audio and visuals.

At the time of writing, there are several levels of skins being sold, each with its own characteristics.  Do not forget to also keep one thing in your mind before buying a skin, namely "there is a price, there is a form".  Let's take a look at the skin levels in League of Legends.

No Tier

Skins that do not have special marks are skins that do not have tiers or legacy skins.  This skin was usually released many years ago when Riot Games had not decided on the Epic tier as the minimum level of the skin they used to release recently.

This tierless skin is also divided into three levels, namely Timeworn, Budget / Deluxe, and Standard / Superior.

Timeworn only offers minimal model changes and splash art, no more skins will be released at this level

Deluxe is one level above Timeworn, skins with this tier only get changes in style, texture, and splash art.  Deluxe skin tier has been deprecated since patch 7.6.

Standard is a notch above Deluxe, sometimes also offering new animations, visual effects, and sounds that match the skin's theme.  Unfortunately, you may never see the release of skins with this tier again


Tier Epic has been the standard for League of Legends skin releases in recent years.  Epic tier skins offer champions drastic changes in style, texture, splash art, animation, visual effects and sound. Epic tier skins are the lowest skin tiers that Riot Games will create for skins released recently and in the future.

Epic tier skins are marked with a blue triangle.


Almost the same as Epic tier, but skins with Legendary tiers were created from the ground up with the intention of giving players full immersion towards these champions.  Legendary skin tiers also usually offer completely new voice overdoses and sound effects.

Skins with Legendary tier have a red rectangular mark.


This level is the top skin tier sold by Riot Games.  Champions with this skin usually have certain gimmicks that are exclusive to their users such as Elementalist Lux with changes to in-game character models, the evolved Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona who has certain songs, and several others. However, the skin price with this tier is not set at up to one million Rupiah like Elderflame from VALORANT.

Ultimate tier skins have an orange hexagon mark.

So far the author only provides skin levels that are still sold by Riot Games, but what about skins that cannot be purchased using Riot Points?  There are several types of skins that you cannot buy using Riot Points alone, let's take a look at the types.


Skins of this tier are sold with Gemstones as a fee.  To get Gemstones, you have to buy a Hextech Chest or Masterwork Chest and hope that Gemstones will come out of the lootbox you bought.  In terms of changes itself, the Mythic skin can be compared to an Epic tier.

Mythic tier skins are marked with a purple pentagon.

Prestige Edition

Prestige Edition skins can be purchased using Prestige Points and are part of the launch of certain skins as premium versions of existing Epic or Legendary skins.  Prestige Edition skins are not always gold, there are also skins born from collaborations such as Louis Vuitton and AAPE.

The Prestige Edition skin has the same grade mark as Mythic, which is a purple pentagon.

Apart from Mythic and Prestige Edition, there are also Legacy skins which are only sold for a limited time, this is because these skins were released to celebrate something, such as team victories in Worlds, holiday celebrations, and the like.

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