Tips on How to Beat Zed League of Legends

Tips on How to Beat Zed League of Legends

Zed is an Assassin-type champion with quite a deadly combo and high burst damage.  He is able to kill enemies in just seconds. Not only that, he is also difficult to catch and able to outwit his enemies.

This Ionian champion is also a nightmare for soft champions like Marksman and Mage. If you are not vigilant, he can easily kill you and disappear without a trace of you, leaving behind the target of your teammates' tantrums.

Although deadly, Zed is not an easy champion to play.  But that doesn't prevent many players from learning this shadow ninja.  In the hands of a good player, Zed can make gathering and gathering, then run to any forum to ask what kind of way to deal with it.

This time, we are here to provide some tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to fight Zed in the Wild Rift.  Let's take a look.

Barrier, Gurdian Angel, and Zhonya's Hourglass will help you survive or even counter burst damage from the combo.

Build Zed is centered on Lethality, so buy items that add armor.

Never try to fight Zed 1v1 as the chances of winning are slim. Try to get help from your teammates for the different phases of the game.

Be careful when your HP is below 50%. Passive can do quite a lot of damage even without using a single skill.

Always respond Zed. If he has got the ultimate Death Mark, this is the moment where Zed's snowball will begin.

Watch your positioning during the laning phase against Zed.  Razor Shuriken - Living Shadow can drain your HP easily before finishing you off with Death Mark.

Always keep an eye on movements because Zed has high mobility so he can roam quickly.  Environment, minimap, and communication with teammates will be very helpful.

When it comes to trading, always keep Zed's remaining energy danability.  When he has used Razor Shuriken and Living Shadow or a little of his energy remains, you can start launching attacks.

Those are some tips and tricks that you can use to fight Zed, who is not a frightening and deadly specter at the beginning of the game.

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