How to Beat Hero Barats Mobile Legends

 How to Beat Hero Barats Mobile Legends

Even though it looks very overpowering, it turns out that Barats is very easy to beat.  If you want to know how, you can immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of this Fighter hero.

1. Barats advantages

Has a strong enough defense when Detona has a large body.

Her cooldown skill is quite short, so you can easily repay your opponent.

Suitable for use for Initiator heroes both during war and ganking.

2. The weakness of the Hero Barats

Very vulnerable to Crowd Control.

When using the Detona's Welcome skill, Barats cannot move so the enemy will finish him off easily.

If you play too aggressively, Barats is easy to beat.

3. A Hero Who Can Beat Barats Easily

Here are some heroes who can beat Barats based on their respective roles.

Hero Marksman: Karrie


Karrie is one of the Marksman heroes who can beat Barats quickly.  When dealing with Barats, issue the Spinning Lightwheel skill (Skill 1) to slow Barats' movement.

Then issue the Speedy Lightwheel skill (Skill 3) to increase Karrie's attack.  If Barats tries to escape, catch up with the Phantom Step skill (Skill 2) then finish off with a basic attack.

So that if sorted will be:

Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 2

Hero Assassins: Lancelot


To defeat Barats using the Assassin hero, you can rely on Lancelot.  Make sure the passive stack from Lancelot is already there.  Attack Barats using Puncture skill (Skill 1), then attack using basic attack until Lancelot's passive skill comes out.

Use the Thorned Rose skill (Skill 2) to slow down Barats' movement.  Finish the blood of Barats using the Phantom Execution skill (Skill 3) and end it by using the Puncture skill (Skill 1).

So that when sorted like this:

Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 3> Skill 1

Hero Fighter: Leomord


Leomord is one of the Fighter heroes that you can use to defeat Barats guys.  Use the Momentum skill (Skill 1 without Barbiel) to repay Barats' blood, and slow down its movement.

Summon Barbiel to join the battle using the Phantom Steed skill (Skill 3).  Approach Barats while speeding up so he can meet Barbiel using the Decimation Assault skill (Skill 2 without Barbiel).

If Barats tries to run away, push him back using the Phantom Charge skill (Skill 2 with Barbiel).  Install with a basic attack, then finish using the Phantom Stomp skill (Skill 1 with Barbiel).

So that if sorted will be:

Skill 1 without Barbiel> Skill 3> Skill 2 without Barbiel> Skill 2 with Barbiel> Basic Attack> Skill 1 with Barbiel

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