How to Play Among Us for Beginners

How to Play Among Us for Beginners

How to Play Among Us for Beginners - Among Us has become one of the most popular games in the past few weeks, even though this game has actually been around since 2018.

This game requires you to slander and also disguise.  But there are a few more important aspects that you must understand, especially if you want to try playing it and the following is an explanation.

1. Use the Voice Application

In the Among Us game there is no voice chat feature so if you want to play Among Us more fun, you can use third-party applications for voice chat like Discord, so you don't have to type long to accuse or defend yourself.

2. Crewmate and Impostor

Crewmate is a group of "good" people or people who are not impostors, while Impostors are "bad" people where they can kill crew mates. Usually Impostors are at least 1 and a maximum of 3 out of 10 players, which means the rest are crewmates.

3. Task

Crewmate has tasks to complete. There are tips for you if you want to do a task, namely don't do the task yourself, because you are an easy target for Impostors.

Impostor also has a "fake task" that makes him seem like a crewmate. Impostors can be trapped by telling themselves to complete a visual task, which is a task that has a visual effect so that when you do it other people can also see you are working on the task.

Impostor will not be able to perform this task, so if the person does not perform this task it means he is an Impostor.

4. Report

If you find a body, you will see a report button on your screen.  You can click on it so there will be a discussion. But not only crewmates can report, Impostors can also so that many Impostors kill and then self report.

After discussion, you can decide to vote for someone or skip alias no one will vote.

5. Sabotage and Vent

Especially for Impostors, you will be given sabotage features such as turning off electricity, oxygen and so on to scatter other crewmates. But crewmate can repair Impostor's sabotage so that it can return to normal.  If Crewmate doesn't fix it then Impostor wins.

Ventilation or so-called vent can make Impostor hide or move quickly.  So you have to take advantage of this after killing to get away quickly.  But keep in mind, don't get caught by other people that you came from Vent.

6. Emergency

You can use this feature if you want to discuss with everyone before the murder occurs.  Each person can only press the emergency 1 time, so use this wisely.

7. How to Win

Impostors will win if the number of Crewmates is the same as the number of Impostors and Crewmates will win if all Impostors have been voted successfully.

That's how to play Among Us for beginners, hope it helps!  Don't forget to visit the GNU Website for other latest updates,

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