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Tips to Become an Impostor Among Us, Direct Auto Win!

Tips to Become an Impostor Among Us, Direct Auto Win!

Tips to Become an Impostor Among Us, Direct Auto Win!  Recently, a game called Among Us managed to attract the attention of many people and immediately became one of the popular games in a short time.

This game, which requires players to accuse and disguise itself, has actually been around since 2018, with Among Us recording a 661 percent increase in downloads or the equivalent of 18.4 million downloads as of August 2020.

Among Us there are those who are referred to as Impostors and crewmates. If you become an Impostor you definitely have to be careful not to get caught.  Therefore, the Gamenews update provides tips for you to become Impostors Among Us who can get high chances of winning.

Tips for Becoming an Impostor

1. Fake Task

Just like crewmate who has tasks, Impostor also has fake tasks. You have to do the fake task while looking for the right time to kill and if you are accused, then you can call the fake task in the left corner to strengthen your alibi.

2. Use the Vents with Care

The advantage of Impostor is that it has a vent that can be used. You can use vent to move places quickly. Before moving, look, wait a few seconds, maybe someone will enter the vent room and catch you coming from the vent.

3. Take advantage of the Sabotage feature

This feature only exists for Impostors and you can make the best of it. You can take advantage of this feature to divide crewmates, such as turning off electricity, oxygen and closing doors.

Apart from killing, you can also use this feature to run away in an urgent situation because your crewmate will definitely panic.

4. Self-Reporting

When you have killed, then you can do self-reporting at the beginning so that the crewmate believes that you found the first victim, not as an impostor.

But you need to pay attention too, you can do this report if you find a crewmate near the room of the person you killed, if there is you can report and accuse the crewmate.

Those are the tips for Impostor Among Us so that you can win the match, hope this helps!

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