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This is Paquito Strongest Build Item, Dare to Try it!

For a discussion of the best builds we will discuss at the bottom of this article, so read on until it's finished ok.

Paquito item build
Credit : moonton
Hello Gamenews Lover, this time I will share with you about the best Paquito build recommendations, in this article we will discuss all about Atlas MLBB.

For a discussion of the best builds we will discuss at the bottom of this article, so read on until it's finished ok.

Our first about Overview and "Description SKILLS Paquito MLBB"

Overview of Paquito

Power statistic paquito
Paquito statistic

SKILLS of Paquito

  • Champ Stance ( Passive )

Paquito builds stacks when hitting enemy heroes with Basic Attacks or dealing damage with skills. Once this stack reaches 4, he enters Champ Stance and enhances his next skill. Paquito excels in his technique. and once empowered his skills have no cooldcam. However, each of his Basic Attacks only deals (85% Total Physical ATK). After using any enhanced skill, Paquito increases his Movement Speed by 60% which decays rapidly in 2.5s.

  • Heavy Left Punch ( Skill 1 )

Mana: -- CD: 8

Paquito punches in a specified direction. dealing 245 (+70% Total Physical ATK) Physic Damage to the target hit. If a hero is hit, Paquito gains 200 (+110% Total Physical ATK) Shield. 

Champ Stance Enhanced: Paquito's heavy punch becomes even fiercer, dealing 350 (+100% Total Physical ATK) and granting him 110% of the original Shield (this enhanced shield can stack with the non-enhanced shield too). Shield lasts 2.5s.

  • Jab ( Scond skill )

Mana: -- CD: 6

Paquito dashes forth and throws a tab dealing 250 (+100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all enemies within area of effect. 

Champ Stance Enhanced: Gives Paquito lab even more striking face, deakng 400 (+150% Total Physical ATK) to enemies within area of effect. Jab deals no damage to targets in your path and stops only when hitting a hero or creep (it passes through minions).

  • Knockout Strike ( Ultimate skill )

Mana: -- CD: 18

Paquito launches an elbow strike to all enemies in front, dealing 250 (+50% Total Physical ATK) and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at ragd speed. dealing 400 (+100% Total Physical ATK) and slowing targets by 75% for ls, as he darts backward. 

Champ Stance Enhanced: Having pushed enemies to the destination, Paquito launches an uppercut, dealing 600 (+150% Total Physical ATK) and knocking his enemies airborne instead of slowing them.

Background Story of Paquito

The Abyss grew in power, thrusting the Land of Dawn once more into the thick mists of eternal war. It was a true calamity that spread suffering throughout the Land of Dawn. Especially the Moniyan Empire's southern frontier. The creeping threat and corruption of the Abyss plunged this place into ruins and it stands now as a barren wilderness. The Empire had long since ceased even trying to reclaim these lands, and the numbers of those fleeing to the Moniyan heartlands for a new life grew by the day. Those unwilling to leave their homeland remained behind and strived to make ends meet, yet they failed to unite and provide a resistance to the advancing Abyss. Instead, they embraced brute force and violence in their toils to stake their claim to the land's dwindling resources. Conflict ruled over all. Like the distant Land of Despair, this frontier fell into a deep decay, a pit without the faintest ray of hope. Until that day came. A man with a peculiar scar across his back and fists of iron wandered these chaotic lands purging the injustice and cruelty that dominated it. A long-lost warmth returned to the people's hearts as one malicious force after another fell before him. Nobody knew from whence this man had came. And so, those he had saved would simply refer to him as the 'Heavenly Fist'. Yet his name was Paquito. Paquito was born in a small village in southwestern Moniyan. To survive and prosper in a land like this so far from the royal capital, you had to be strong. And so he'd had but one dream since he was a little boy: To become the world's strongest fighter. Paquito tempered his mind, his body and spirit through any and every means possible in his quest for this power. A reticent man passed through his village, witnessing the incredible effort Paquito was dedicating to his training. Hence he decided to stay and trained Paquito, taking him as a student. In the months that followed, Paquito's abilities improved at an exponential rate as he trained under his master. Yet his departure drew near. Before he left, he told Paquito this: the peak, the true essence of fighting lies not in destruction. It's not about attacking. Paquito continued to perfect his technique relentlessly in the years following his master's departure. Yet he still struggled to embody this essence his master spoke of. This left him with an uncertainty deep in his heart, so he too departed his village, still determined to become the world's strongest. And so he sought out strong opponents as he traveled the lands. As he navigated the Lantis Mountains he found the land plagued by injustice and evil. Hence he would enter the fray, fighting for justice and wiping out evil, becoming renowned as the 'Heavenly Fist'. As Paquito forged on tirelessly, a mysterious figure known as the 'Domineer' gained great power in the Moniyan Empire. He commanded his subordinates and launched a grand plan to claw control over the land. To fuel his schemes the Domineer plundered these lands already on the brink of collapse, leaving cruelty and massacre in his wake. Paquito caught wind of this series of tragedies, and it made his blood boil. He swore to stop this Domineer, and eradicate every last trace of his control. In his mission to unmask this dark figure and his true identity, Paquito discovered that he was none other than his master from long ago. He had sought the true essence of what it means to fight, yet instead, he'd been eaten up and spat back out by the harsh realities of this world. He'd lost all that he once stood for, becoming cruel and ruthless. Paquito's loyalty and friendship for his old master clashed with the justice and morality he had always held so dear. He made his decision. The student and the master began a battle of the ages. Paquito stood firm, and took the first of his master's crushing strikes—repayment for the teaching he'd received. Then, they began trading blows; a collision of two colossal forces. The master's technique had only grown stronger in the years that'd passed, with dominating advances battering Paquito until he was on the very brink of death. Strength began to leave his body, and Paquito thought back to those he'd strived to save from oppression; their baleful gazes, how they wished for nothing more than peace. It was then that he had his epiphany—the true essence of fighting was not about attacking nor destroying, but instead, defending hope wherever it may be. Paquito forced the Domineer into defeat, and the master stared up at his former student, filled with regret. His forces of evil were subdued, and peace flourished in the land. It was then that Paquito shouldered his pack and prepared to hit the road once more, telling his master: this world of ours is bigger than we know, with mighty opponents that await our arrival, not to mention the powers of evil... He'd rely on his two fists. With them, he'd fight for the hopes and dreams of all who needed him.

Paquito Battle Spells
Paquito Battle Spells

Upgrade Priority
Upgrade Priority

Level up First Skill [Heavy Left Punch] and prioritize it on upgrading then add Second Skill [Jab]. Your Ultimate Skill [Knockout Strike] is dedicated to CC and does damage to all enemies in the range

Skill Combo Strategy of paquito

  • Jab Escape Combo

Wall > Second

You can use Second Skill to escape from enemies but to increase your survivability, you can use it to pass through walls or obstacles leaving your enemy behind

  • Champ Attack Combo

Attack > Enemy Hero

Doing basic attack on enemy heroes grants you passive stack but minions and jungle monsters will only grant you passive stack by doing abilities

  • Champ Move Combo

Passive 4x > Any Skill > Movement Wheel

After casting any abilities with enchanced by Passive Skill, Paquito will greatly increase movement speed allowing him to reposition himself in battle

  • Paquito's Knockout Strike Combo

Passive 4x > Ultimate > Ultimate > Second > Attack > Ultimate > First > Attack

You can use Second Skill to escape from enemies but to increase your survivability, you can use it to pass through walls or obstacles leaving your enemy behind

Playing As Paquito VS Playing Against

  • Playing As Paquito

Playing as Paquito is a physical Fighter who's main damage comes from his abilities in which he can conditionally enhanced and do various skill combos. Paquito also specializes in resetting his abilities which makes him very powerful aside from that he has other bonus effects such as additional shield and increase movement speed. Let's talk about his abilities, Passive Skill is where he gets to reset his skill and have movement speed buff, this is his core advantage however he has a fixed damage on his basic attacks. First Skill is pretty much self explanatory but one thing you will like about this skill is that it grants him Shield when enhanced. Second Skill on the other hand has its own varsatility because aside from it uses to damage an enemy it can also be use to escape from possible death. Lastly his Ultimate is a burst and crowd control type skill with its superior low skill cooldown which again can be spam with the help of his passive skill and can be deadly and diruptive if used well.

  • Playing Against Paquito

Playing Against Paquito has outstanding mobility and the ability to enhance skills, which enable him to utilize various skill combos to outplay the opponents no matter in solo combats or team fights. So how are we going to counter this hero? First of all you must know that Paquito is a very close combat melee type hero which means all of his abilities are short range, this is a disadvantage to him specially when spacing Marksman or Mages with mobility while being able to deal damage for example Kimmy, Brody and Lesley. Pacquito's full potential is basically from his Passive Skill which we all know resets his abilities after getting full stack so you must avoid getting closer to him becayse anytime soon he'll land his combos to you so becareful. Lastly as mentioned before that he is a melee hero with short distance abilities, he puts himself most of the time in danger and he is very susceptible to crowd controls so that's another disadvantage in using this hero.

Game Strategy of paquito

  • Early Game

At the beginning of the game, immediately go to EXP Lane (recommended lane for Fighter) and tell your teammates that you're going to solo. Your main focus is to clear the wave of minions fast so you can jungle early. Dont forget to last hit each minions or jungle monster because last hitting them will grant you extra gold and exp compare if someone killed it. After that you can now kill the jungle monster beside your tower. Then after killing the jungle monster, go back to your lane and clear the next wave of minions. You can play a bit aggressive this time, you can poke enemies using the combination of your First and Second Skill with enhancement from your Passive Skill for additional damage and advantage. Your next target is killing the crab, for some reason, if the enemy is smart enough to be aware that you're going to kill the crab, they will try to hide in the bush in front of the crab nest and they will wait untill the crab HP is below 10% and they will try to steal it. In order to increase your chance of killing the crab, you may want to lure it a bit further near the bush at the back of the crab nest and start killing it. After that you can now go back to your lane and the clear the wave of minions. Then if you're brave enough you can steal enemies' side jungle but that would be risky. For the entire early game, you can play safe and farm untill you build your core item or play aggresive but make sure one of your ally will visit you to gank the enemy in top lane.

  • Mid Game

You should be ahead by at least 1000 gold by now or even more. If you are not, try to re-examine your farming patterns. This however shouldn't give you an excuse to stay in your lane. Be sure to help out other lanes too. Mid game is crucial for you to get yourself into the game without hindering your team, you want to increase the burst you can do to your target by not limiting yourself to only some picks in an important fight. What you did in early game decides what you can do now, who your targets are how much you can burst a targets HP bar until its 0 and so on, just remember not to get consumed by peer pressure to do something reckless. Look at map and pick your targets wisely then manuever towards them unseen. You should be able to dish out quite a decent amount of damage now, and team fights are happening more often. You're one of the hero that can balance damage and durability, to fully utilize this hero you need to use your skills wisely and cast it to the main enemy target which is typically Marksman or Mage heroes. You must practice the distance on when Paquito's abiltiies can reach an enemy because it could be troublesome if you don't estimate it as his most abiltiies are short-distanced. Lastly, a tip of advice, if you decided to gank an enemy, you must avoid Bruno, Moskov, Harley, Kagura, Harith and Guinevere or any Heroes with escape skill. They are simply too slippery and hard to catch unless they are about to die then go for it. In addition to that, you must only target squishy hero and avoid tanks or any fighter with durability build items simply because they can sometimes survive the gank and of course they are hard to kill (Only target tanks if its alone and you have 3 or more allies to help you kill that sh*t). Before the mid game ends, you must have at least 2 or more heroes ganked so that you made them gap in level and gold or at least push towers to the second level

  • End Game

End game is probably the most crucial part for Paquito because he rely mostly on skills and if you make any simple mistake during this time of the game it will probably make your team lose. During teamfight, use the best suitable combo that you need in order to disrupt enemy position. Gather your allies and as much as possible protect your main marksman or mage ally because anytime soon enemy assassin will do its best to kill your main damager. We know during this time, teamfight is inevitable so becareful in using your combos because its very risky if you use it in the wrong timing, if you failed you might die from being gang bang by enemies specially if your allies are not there to back you up. In other scenario, if the teamfight really happens then it is best to either protect your marksman or mage ally because Pacquito's skill set are perfect fit for that role or you can find a way to be able to get closer to the enemy's main damager and harass it. Lastly I just wanna give you strength for using Pacquito. Dont be afraid to make mistake and be brave when doing his combo in battle. Practice a lot because practice makes perfect. Ok? Good Luck!.

This is Paquito's best build item according to pro players

Best build Paquito 1
Endles build paquito

Best build Paquito 2
Best build paquito

Best build Paquito 3
Best build paquito

Recommend Emblems that you can use

Emblem for paquito

Emblem for paquito

Emblem for paquito

That was the discussion about the best paquito build items that you can use, you can combine them yourself, which one do you think suits you.

Good luck, the victory is in your hands. Dont forget to share...

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