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Want to be Good at Playing Atlas, Use the Best Build Item of this Atlas

For a discussion of the best builds Atlas we will discuss at the bottom of this article, so read on until it's finished ok.

Best build atlas mlbb
Hello Gamenews Lover, this time I will share with you about the best Atlas build recommendations, in this article we will discuss all about Atlas MLBB.

For a discussion of the best builds Atlas we will discuss at the bottom of this article, so read on until it's finished ok.

Our first about Overview and "Description SKILLS Akai MLBB"

  • Overview

Atlas mlbb
Atlas mlbb

Frigid Breath ( skill Passive )

Atlas generates Frigid Breath around him for 5s each time he casts a skill. Enemies who stay in the area for 1.5s will have their movement SPD reduced by 50% and ATK Speed by 50%. They can remove the slow effect immediately by leaving the area of Frigid Breath. Atlas gains 64-120 Physical and magic DEF when he is inside Frigid Breath.  50. They can.

Annihilate ( Skill 1)

  • Mana: 60 CD: 7

Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions. Each explosion deals 230/270/310/350/390/430 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies. Ejected State: If Atlas has ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both himself and his Mecha will cast Annihilate.

Perfect Match ( second skill )

  • Mana: 75 CD: 12

Atlas enters Ejected State, gaining 25% Movement SPD and immunity to slow effects. In this state, the Mecha Sentry will follow the pilot at an increasing speed (can only be controlled by Suppression). Once they meet, Atlas will return to the Mecha, dealing 320/340/360/380/400/420 (+55% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies nearby and stunning them for 1.2s. Ejected State: Atlas and his Mecha share the same HP bar and reduce 50% of the damage taken in this state.

Fatal Links ( Ultimate Skill )

  • Mana: 130 CD: 55

Atlas hurls chains at all nearby heroes and starts to channel (can only be interrupted by Suppress and knock-airborne effects), dealing 225/350/475 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% (decaying over 3s). Use the skill again while channeling, Atlas will drag the targets towards him and plunk them down on the target location, dealing 360/560/760 (120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Using this skill in Ejected State will summon the Mecha Sentry to Atlas to merge.

Background Story of Atlas MLBB

The dark, cold and mysterious deep sea is the last unexplored frontier in the Land of Dawn. All the way down from surface, the sun fades away and the temperature drops, then there is complete darkness. It is called the Abysmal Sea, where currents and the high pressure are strong enough to tear apart any advanced materials Eruditio has invented. This place is a forbidden zone of life, where no human has ever set foot in. Only the remains of those abandoned and eliminated civilizations have been sinking and piling up. Nevertheless, it is not only death here. Many unbelievable and indescribable creatures, including Atlas, have been struggling and multiplying for ages in this dangerous area. They were among the oldest living things on the Land of Dawn, devouring elemental creatures for power, which made them imprisoned in this deepest place by the Ancient Ones. The powerful Injunction blocked light, heat as well as their upward path. In order to adapt to the high-pressure environment, they removed their shells and redundant structures, and developed a variety of fluid shapes. In the endless darkness, there is no fight and strife, only the law of survival: existence, alternation and circulation. Ages after ages, however, some things have gradually changed. The changes did not originate beneath the ocean but came from above. The succession of civilizations and continuous wars affected not only the land but also the seas. Everything began to deteriorate. Creatures in the Abysmal Sea could no longer adapt to the even worse situation. Withering and death came without warning. The largest of them were the first to contend. These giant fibrous creatures wriggled their tentacles and bodies to rush upwards, but only to be torn apart due to the Injunction. The others could not understand their fate, but they knew they needed change - it's an instinct of all living things. Therefore, they started to think about workarounds. They started to try to break the Injunction. The only prisoner who eventually got rid of the Abysmal Sea, was Atlas. As the most experienced individual, he sensed the change sooner than any of his kind when the Abysmal Sea was involved. He was the first to prepare the escape. The fleshes torn apart warned the rest creatures that their bodies were vulnerable to the overwhelming power. To break the Injunction, he must regain a rigid shell. Atlas kept wandering and searching over the deep. Until one day, in a pile of those civilization remains, he found his destined shell - the Mecha Sentry, a set of giant ancient machinery armor. These big things were manufactured as war machines by the Iceland Golems who once ruled the Northern Vale. After the demise of the ancient golems, they were abandoned by the later civilizations, thrown into the ocean, and totally forgotten by the world. Atlas slowly approached the Mecha Sentry, found it decayed on the sea floor like a stiff scrap of iron due to the missing of the control core. He then entered the center of the machine, stretched his tentacles, injected them into each joint, and began to take control. Along with a rumbling noise, the Mecha Sentry who slept for thousands of years lit its eyes again. The forgotten body and the abandoned soul got perfectly combined and unified. The giant Mecha Sentry broke through the Injunction, rushed from the deep to the surface, then jumped up above the sea. It was the time the world welcomed a new player - Atlas, the Ironclad Kraken. Atlas felt strange and curious about this world. He visited everywhere seas can reach driven by the desire for learning and strengthening. He frantically drew knowledge from creatures, races and civilizations. Meanwhile, his control of the Mecha Sentry became more and more proficient. As if the machine was originally made for him. But no matter how long time passed, Atlas is always haunted by a thought - his kind are still struggling in the Abysmal Sea, the biggest jail and the remotest place in the world. Now, Atlas has not only a hard armor, but also a plan. He will break the Injunction between the Abysmal Sea and the world, save his kind from the eternal imprisonment. There is a secret treasure only the pirates believe that hidden somewhere in the sea of Northern Vale. It has the power to regenerate, powerful enough to change the ecology of an entire ocean. Atlas wants it, from the first time he learned the story.

Upgrade priority


Level up Second Skill [Perfect Match] and prioritize it on upgrading then add First Skill [Annihilate]. Your Ultimate Skill [Fatal Links] is perfect for teamfight and make sure to use this skill when there are 2 or more enemies around to maximize its effect.

Skill Combo

Perfect Escape Combo

Second > Wall

Second Skill of atlas can also be use to escape from enemies

Perfect Annihilate Combo

Second > First

One of the main advantage before using your First Skill is to cast your Second Skill. This allows Atlas and Mecha Sentry (the octopus) to cast First Skill at the same time

Atlas Fatal Links Combo

Second > Merge > Ultimate > Ultimate (drag to your allies) > First

After detaching from Atlas using Second Skill, you must run immediately to enemies and wait for Atlas to merge with you. This will cause stun on enemies on hit then immediately cast your Ultimate and drag them to your allies or towers (if you are near).

Playing As Atlas VS Playing Against Atlas

Playing As Atlas

Playing as Atlas is not that actually hard, this tank is very beginner friendly as his skills doesn't require fast hand just timing and right positioning and you are good to go with this hero. Speaking of skills, Atlas has a really good skill-set I sometimes think he is the tank version of Hanzo but he is quite different in terms of everything of course. His Passive Skill is very useful in close-to-close fighting, it counters Marksman due to the reduction of Attack Speed plus it grants Atlas additional Physical ang Magic Def so almost a jack of all trades skill. First Skill on the other hand is pretty straightforward so just read it. His Second Skill is similar to Hanzo's Ultimate Skill but after Atlas cast this skill, he will follow automatically the Mecha Sentry (the octopus) and when it merge they will cause stun on surroundings. In addition to that this skill can trigger First Skill with Atlas and Mecha Sentry (at the same time) when used. Lastly his Ultimate Skill is probably one of the coolest skill in Mobile Legends, its like Smack Down HAHA. Anyway, this skill can turn the tides of the game beacuse if you manage to at least chain 3 enemies or even more, it's K.O darling. Good Luck!.

Playing Against Atlas

Playing Against Atlas according to his specialty is a Mecha-piloting Ancient Creature, sounds scary right? Yes this Hero Tank is not just a Tank but Atlas is a Tank that can deal decent damage to enemies as well and with his skill-set he stood out compare to other tanks. So how are we going to counter Atlas? Well, first things first you must know that Atlas unleashes his full potential when he is closer to you. Try to distance with him as much as possible, if you are using marksman or mage with no escape skill, you should never go alone and always position yourself behind you teammates or Atlas can easily dominate you. Atlas is a type of Tank who's anytime can initiate a teamfight however it makes him prone to crowd controls so if you are using a hero that has a CC skill, just always be ready. Lastly Atlas Skill Cooldown are pretty long, being aware of the time he uses his skill will also be your advantage. That's all thank you.

Game play Strategy Atlas Mlbb

  • Early Game

Start by going to middle lane and help the mid laner clear the first wave of minions. Dont forget to buy Roaming item, feed the mid laner with love and he/she will lead you to victory (I'm serious, dont laught). 

Anyway, after clearing the wave of minions you must encourage your lane partner to kill the jungle buff on top lane or kill the Tiny Flower on side bushes (the green one that heals after you kill it). 

Go back to mid lane and start clearing the new wave of minions, try to be aggressive this time but not too much to the point you'll hurt yourself. 

Your next target is to go to top or bottom lane and kill the crab in their lane or you can just gank the enemies on that lane but make sure to start it by hiding in bush then surprise the b*stards and kill them. After that go back to mid lane and clear the wave of minions there.

  • Mid Game

If you played well early then you should roam more on your own but if you feel you are behind then stick with your team’s best early gamer. Learn the map and know where all the escape routes are. 

These are your areas of dominance. You can get stragglers and support teammates. Ultimate Skill is best used last if possible unless you are if its really needed at times of teamfight. You have to understand your role as a crowd controller, damager and Tank. 

You come in and take some damage and CC then your slow from Passive Skill will sustain you enough to finish the clash and hide or chase down escapee. 

Always target at Squishies first and ignore the Tanks as much as possible. When to run and when to fight are things you should learn on your own but remember once you build some items, you should be dominating the Squishies. 

If you get a small advantage grab an enemy's jungle Buff if you can or your jungle's Buff if nobody wants it. Lastly encourage your allies to kill the Turtle as it is one of the main objective in the game and as much as possible try to destroy at least 3 or more towers in phase of game.

  • End Game

Similar to mid game, always stay close to your allies to provide the required support as a Tank. Move together with your allies as much as possible. Avoid soloing lanes to farm while your allies are clashing somewhere. 

Before entering any clashes, signal to your allies to wait for you. You are vital in any clashes so always stay close to your allies to avoid distance disadvantage. 

Remember that Atlas as a tank is an almost a jack of all trades, he has the mobility, crowd control skills and damage, this is actually a good set for a tank. 

During teamfight, you must try to avoid targeting tank. Your main targets are those who are squishies such as marksman or mages. 

If you can't find a way to kill enemy squishies, try to be near your main damage dealer, you will be become their protectors given the fact that Atlas has a crowd controlling and countering skills. As much as possible you'll only activate Atlas Fatal Links Combo when there are two or more enemies closer to each other. 

This way you can Smack them down towards your allies then ambush them. Lastly if you won the teamfight like you killed two or three of them, straight to the Lord and kill it. The Lord will summon from your base and will help you destroy the remaining tower in the weakest lane. 

Also if you killed all heroes in a teamfight, just straight go through their base and finish the game. No need to elongate the battle as it might give the enemies a chance to epic comeback.

Below are all of the best builds from Atlas

Best build atlas versi 1

build atlas

Best build atlas versi 2

Best Build atlas

Best build atlas versi 3

Best Build atlas

And this is an atlas recommendation spells

Spell atlas

Thank you for visiting the article "want to be good at playing atlas, use the best build item of this atlas" I hope this article is useful, don't forget to share.  Because sharing is caring.

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