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3+ Ways to Get Free Diamond ML that is Safe and Anti-Banned!

Is there a method to get free Diamond Mobile Legends? There is a trick to top up the ML free diamond in the style of GGWP. This ID is also in fact com
Is there a method to get free Diamond Mobile Legends? There is a trick to top up the ML free diamond in the style of GGWP. This ID is also in fact comfortable and anti-banned.

There are 2 methods of obtaining Mobile Legends diamonds, they are paid and free, you know. Usually, you can get a diamond Mobile legend by topping up with some money.

You want it, however, if you want to top up diamond ML for free, you can also know. No need to use illegal diamond cheats or other cheating methods. Because currently there is a method of obtaining Mobile Legend diamonds for free and in fact it is legitimate.

How to Get Diamond ML for Freek

For those of you who don't have enough money to top up the Mobile legend diamonds, take it easy. You can try some of the method guides for obtaining diamonds in Mobile Legends for free and it is in fact formal on this basis.

1. Install the Diamond Prize Application

how to get- diamond- mobile- legends- for free

The second method of obtaining Mobile Legend diamonds for free is by installing a special application.

Such as Cubic, Dent Android, VeeU, News Cat, Tap Cash Rewards, Free My Apps, and so on.

This kind of application generally offers reward points for each activity you undertake.

Now, you can exchange these points for various prizes, including diamond Mobile Legends.

Not only points, there are also applications that distribute prizes in the form of credit. From this credit you can also use top ML with credit.

But also pay attention to the security of the application that you want to install. Because there are applications that are deceptive and do not carry out free ML top ups.

2. Become a Game Streamer

It could be that some of you already know, if in the Mobile Legends game there is a live streaming feature.

Now you can use this feature to get top up diamond ML for free. You want diamonds from people who share likes on your stream.

The number of diamonds that you get also varies, depending on how much they like the stream you are on:

Flower: 2 diamond

Jewelry: 6 diamond

Roadster: 250 diamond

Yacht: 1000 diamond

Airplane: 5000 diamond

Continue to be a lot of people watching, until the opportunity to find lots of diamonds continues to be great. Therefore, don't remember to tell your friends or followers before streaming.

3. Methods of Obtaining Diamond Mobile Legends by Exploring Tournaments

Quincy Crew BTS Season 3

Source: Beyond The Summit

At present there have been many esports tournaments listed by Mobile Legends. From this tournament, sometimes the organizers prepare diamond-shaped prizes with a value of millions of rupiah.

These tournaments also vary, ranging from formal Moonton tournaments, campus tournaments, organizations or communities, and others.

So if you win enough, you can top up the ML diamond for free. You can find out about the latest Mobile Legends tournaments through the posts on this basis, yes:

4. Take part in a giveaway or quiz

Not a few gaming influencers or YouTubers often give out diamonds for free to their subscribers. Now, this opportunity you must not pass.

Not only gaming YouTubers, there are also many platforms or industries that distribute free ML diamond top up prizes through quizzes.

Such as media portals, e-commerce, game stores, online shops, and others. So that you don't miss it, you must often search for diamond giveaway keywords on social media.

Look at the terms and steps carefully, who knows you got Diamond Mobile Legends for free from the quiz.

5. Become the Admin of the Mobile Legends Team

Are you actively joining a team of Mobile Legends players? Well, this can also be a method of obtaining Mobile Legend diamonds for free, you know. The trick is to become an admin or moderator in it.

Moonton as the MLBB publisher often opens vacancies to become an admin on a team. They pay these admins in exchange for diamonds. To find this position, you must frequently monitor Moonton's formal social media.

Because these vacancies do not exist at any time. For preparation, you can practice some of the supporting skills to be accepted as admin. One of them is the ability to use Photoshop applications and web development.

Not only the methods above, there are actually some methods that are categorized as illegal and risky. Not only is it prone to being banned, the security of your digital information can also be threatened, you know. 

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