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Here Are 5 Most GG Support-Carry Duet Currently!

Combo Support and Carry is one of the Hero compositions that are very meaningful to observe. Most players often think Hero Support can be paired with

Here Are 5 Most GG Support-Carry Duet Currently!

Combo Support and Carry is one of the Hero compositions that are very meaningful to observe. Most players often think Hero Support can be paired with any Hero Carry, and it's the opposite meanwhile, the right Support-Carry duet could share huge battle donations.

Finding the right Hero Support-Carry mix is ​​not an easy problem. .Moreover, there are many meaningful aspects that can affect it, such as power changes, meta transfers, and Hero substitutions which are much stronger.

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However, you don't need to worry. KINCIR has put together a Support-Carry duet which is very suitable for today's meta games. .just follow the list below, yes!

1. Yi Sun- Shin and Angela

Yi Sun-Shin is one of the most feared Hero Carry for the current meta. .As a damage dealer, Yi Sun-Shin is equipped with a large amount of critical damage and total damage per second (DPS). On the other hand, Angela is a Support who can share shield and heal protection. .Not only that, Angela also has crowd control skills in the form of slow to immobilize impact.

The mixture of Yi Sun-Shin and Angela is a very deadly mixture for now. .with the ultimate skill– Heartguard from Angela, Yi Sun- Shin is a Hero Carry that is very difficult to finish. Not only that, the skills - Puppet-on-string and Love Waves from Angela can also synergize with the modification of the attack melee range from Yi Sun-Shin.

The weakness of the Yi Sun-Shin and Angela duet is the lack of crowd control skills. If you only rely on the slow impact, enemy heroes can still run away quite easily. .Even though they have a movement speed bonus, enemy heroes who have escaping skills can still escape very easily.

2. Mathilda and Claude

A mixture of Claude and Mathilda can create a huge amount of damage in a short time. As Carry, Claude has a very large level of damage and attack speed. .with both of them, Claude was able to create a deadly DPS achievement and Mathilda was able to share massive damage.

Not only that, the mixture of the two also has great mobility skills to get used to the best position in battle. .Moreover, in certain circumstances, the two of them were also able to become battle initiators by sharing surprise raids thanks to the ultimate skill - Blazing Duet from Claude and Circling Eagle from Mathilda.

Unfortunately, the duo Claude and Mathilda have a crucial weakness, which is the level of defense. .if hit by the impact of crowd control from an enemy, both of them are very easy to finish off. Even though they have escaping skills, this is not enough to maintain their HP in the midst of enemy attacks.

3. Rafaela and Granger

Today, Granger is still the perfect Hero Core for rough battles. With a large amount of Burst Damage, Granger can finish off enemy heroes very easily.

On the other hand, Rafaela is equipped with pretty good crowd control and heal skills as a support to help Granger in battle.

The mix of Granger and Rafaela is a duet that has been universally found. .thanks to the synergy of strength, the two of them were able to share a very large battle donation. No wonder, if the conclusion is that many players decide to fight bravely and carefully to finish off this deadly duet.

You could say, this deadly duet really uses momentum. .because these two heroes have weaknesses in the duration of the fight. Granger is not a Hero Core with constant damage. No wonder, if the duet had enough trouble sharing a prolonged attack.

4. Bruno and Silvanna

Bruno is a Hero Core with a very large amount of critical damage and burst. Armed with the speed of his movement, Bruno can be very agile and agile in battle. In addition, Bruno also has crowd control skills in the form of stun which can help him in battle.

.assisted by Silvanna, Bruno can optimize all of his potential. In his ultimate zone, Silvanna can lock up more than one enemy. That's where Bruno was able to optimize his Wave of The World Animation skills. .the resulting ball reflection is able to make the enemy get successive damage.

The weakness of the Silvanna and Bruno duet lies in the durability. Bruno, who has low durability, can be kidnapped and killed easily. .on the other hand, Silvanna is also obliged to guard against ganking abilities. Because, Silvanna didn't want to be able to withstand the assault attacks from many enemy heroes.

5. Roger and Jawhead

Roger is a Hero Core with critical attack and very large attack speed. .on the other hand, Jawhead is a Support Hero who has very strong crowd control skills at this time. Not only that, Jawhead also has the energy resistance of the shield which makes him efficient at playing rough at the start.

The mix between Roger and Jawhead is one of the most sinister duets in the Land of Dawn. Jawhead is known to be a reliable initiator. With an Ejector and Unstoppable Force, Jawhead was able to share the momentum of a very good attack for Roger.

The weakness of the Roger and Jawhead duo lies in timing and execution. For maximum performance, the duet of Roger and Jawhead must be played by players who already have excellent game chemistry. You see, both Roger and Jawhead together are obliged to create the right moment.

The Support and Carry duet above fits perfectly with the current meta game. Because, all the heroes above are the strongest heroes who are highly respected in the current meta. Even so, each Support and Carry duet has weaknesses that need to be looked at. .if you can, you must be able to anticipate — even minimize each of these weaknesses.

How is it for you with the Hero Support and Carry duet above? Do you have any other Hero duet suggestions? Please write your comments in the opinion column. .and, keep an eye on the latest data overwriting Mobile Legends.

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